I May be a Little Prejudice…

But I wouldn’t consider myself “racist.” I mean, I could be wrong depending on your rubric and personal beliefs. I know the white people who I encounter on a daily basis and send me friend requests on Facebook are a little taken aback by my approach to candidly speaking about race(ism). GOOD! The fuck is the point otherwise?

My niggas know what’s going on. I’m your nigga so i’m gonna let you know whatta gwaan, seen?! Can you tell i’m learning from my Brown comedian friends (hi Hari) to not slow and dumb things down for those outside of the culture?

So anyways, I found something I wrote in my drafts in google. Where I stumbled across some old conversations i’ve had with my significant other and.. OK, let me not digress. So I found this thing titled “unpopular opinion alert” and it’s actually something I think my white counterparts may be completely surprised by. Because, you know, i’m racist in their eyes lol. And all black people want is payback and to retaliate for what Lily and them did back in the day. Uuuh, a lot of us have coped with that and actually just want to exist on our own terms.

Be advised that I love and hate all things equally. White, black, male, female, gay, trans, on the fence – I fucking love to hate all of you who fall under the label “ignorant and/or insensitive.” I know, I know… “but you’re so insensitive.” Deal with it. I have a chip on my shoulder from being such a naive youngin’ and i’ve just accepted that.

*Unpopular Opinion Alert*

I usually take these kind of posts to the blog. I’ve actually written about it before. I don’t want anybody to take what i’m saying personal. But when inspired, I write using “The Freestyle Approach” (also written about on my blog).

I wonder how these egregiously Pro Black folk really think they will ever make America/Africa theirs. How rude. And that they are the sole original contributors to the planet. I wonder if they believe in their feeble minds that once they “defeat whitey” (whatever that even means lol) that things will just “fall in line.” The balance of the Universe will restore. Shitting me.

All I had to do to un-Hotep and humble myself was study the Indigenous People of the land. Google Pine Ridge Reservations. They “defeated” whitey with treaties right? (That’s me being sarcastic). And look what happened.

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Just saying. I read Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond. Not saying I know every got damn thing from reading a book (i’ve read 100s btw) But what i’m asking is – have you done your googles? And beyond that – Have you been to the bookstore lately? People who take the time to be intelligent write books and peer reviewed journal entries. Read some of those alongside the conspiracy theories!

The Information Age has got ignorant folks entering territories they have no business in. Hey – maybe i’m one of them? And don’t get me wrong “the dull and ignorant have their stories too” – but this isn’t the dull and ignorant hour.

OH! Shoutout to the like, 5 white people who haven’t unfriended me. Yall know my heart.


#Racism; We’re All Victims



Remember the Follow Your Passion Post? Well that same student and I had an argument about which was better, being black or being white. Of course I defended my ignorant position, that being black was obviously better. And as you can see, although we had this argument, we apparently got over  it and remained cordial.

I was never ashamed or felt less of because of being black. I certainly felt slighted though, and I would spend the rest of my life trying to understand how society got fixed to where black people were on the bottom. I knew in my psyche and soul that this wasn’t natural. And no shade, but this was one of those white girls, you know .. trailer park trash. She wasn’t of the affluent white or Jewish kids I knew. I didn’t realize it then, but I did later on.

This made me realize we are ALL victims of ignorance at some level. We are ALL divided to be conquered, stripped of our authenticity, re-branded, re-packaged and then sold to the masses all in the name of maintaining the Status Quo. It’s always been about the wealthy versus the poor, never about one race versus the other. It’s about Power. It’s about control. It’s about exploitation.

An environment unfortunately developed where a group of people gained superior knowledge; not superior genetics or skills. In order to maintain power and control over this sacred information, people became bigoted and prejudice. That is, powerful people of all creeds realized how beneficial an ignorant populace is and that mind control is a very good, if not the best, tool in their arsenal.

“Sometimes you gotta put the whole world on mute, when you’re on the pursuit, to find out what’s good for you // Everybody on the move tryna get their loot too, don’t be a scapegoat, don’t let them persecute you // Don’t be a fool dude, watch who you salute to, never be a tool in somebody else’s arsenal. Psychological warfare, what the fuck is going on here? // You only getting half the story, believing allegories.”

My ideology then is Multiply & Reclaim. Too many things separate us when we have so much more in common, particularly a common puppet-master pulling our strings.

I came up with this model: Input, Accountability, Mediation, Output. Be accountable for what you consume and allow into your life, be very conscious of the meaning of emotions surrounding those things, and before you continue or convince someone else to feel the way you do .. ask who will benefit and who will suffer.

It is important that our communities become educated on the principles of politics, how public policy is created and be aware of their socio-economic implications. Massive progressive reform is necessary for our economic and social development and it will only happen outside of the mainstream and through a coalition of our own Grass Roots organizations, advocacy and special interest groups.

Thanks for reading!

#Jamaican Mother, #Jewish Neighborhood


My mother was brought to the United States in January of 1968. To put this into perspective, she never experienced American racism or temperatures below 65 degrees. She was totally uncomfortable and afraid of this place.

As you know, Martin Luther King Jr. would be assassinated just months following her arrival. With the aftermath embedded into her psyche, she grew up somewhat politically and historically aware and decided to align herself with the “feminist-black power”, sprinkled in with some Rastafarian, paradigm. She has an Afrocentric, Grass Rooted point of view about life.

With this being said, I always knew certain ethnicities and groups didn’t fuck with other ethnicities and groups. History is taught so non-politically in school that I couldn’t make these connections myself. I would piece together what I could from conversations my mother and I would have as well as listening to NPR and other news outlets.

I lived the white-black racial dichotomy; I was aware of discrimination though I didn’t fully understand how it got this way, or why. I just knew white people made all the rules for everybody to follow, especially black people. This disturbed me to the core and it would take the last half of my life before I figured the whole White Supremacy thing out. For all of the years prior I pretty much accepted white privilege as the norm. For black and white people to have beef  made sense.. other groups though? What’s y’all problem?

All my life I would have these inner dialogues, questioning so many things around me, particularly things that didn’t quite make sense about race and ethnic relations. I think I felt embarrassed to ever question them because I felt it was conventional wisdom.

From ages 8 through 16 I grew up in a predominately Jewish neighborhood (Kemp Mill in Wheaton, MD); we had at least three synagogues and two Jewish schools I would see on the regular. I always wondered why they were so “special” and had their own institutions and establishments. Their school was located adjacent to our neighborhood park. They had their own basketball courts which were nicer than ours, one was short enough for us to try dunking on! They wouldn’t welcome us to play on their court, however they would come down to our shabby ass court at will.

It also appeared they had their own religion and way of life different from any I’d witnessed before. Of course their attire was strange to me, as well as their “stand-offish-ness.” I felt like they felt they were better than everyone else. And then there were the Jewish kids who I went to public school with who were my friends and nothing like the kids who attended the Yeshiva School. I even attended a Bat Mitzvah! My good friend Jaime would always make it a point to remind me that she wasn’t “orthodox”. While I didn’t quite know what that meant, I assumed it meant she wasn’t like the Jewish people in my neighborhood.

This opened my mind to a field of inquiry concerning the race and religion of people in general, but particularly Jewish people. I wondered, are Jewish people white? Can a non-white person be Jewish? Why does my mother wear a Star of David pendent on her chain? What is this 12 tribes of Israel stuff I hear Rastafarians talk about? Why do they require their own bible? Excuse me, Torah.

They even had their own grocery store (Kosher Mart) and pizza shop (Ben Yehuda). Hell, they even had Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum with Hebrew writing on the comic. Obviously, I had zero notion of the concept of nation building. Adding to my curiosity about race, religion and ethnicity were the other people who made up my neighborhood.

I lived in a high rise apartment building with 21 floors. The tenants were multicultural & multiracial; our community was also diverse as far as socio-economics are concerned. Now that I think about it, our community included a number of nursing homes and disabled people as well. There were residents from all ethnic backgrounds and class levels technically living under one roof. Diplomats from foreign countries would reside in my building, as well as their children, many my age. The same could be said about low income residents who lived in my neighborhood.

We had people from African countries, Eurasian countries, South and Central America as well as the Caribbean and so on. I could virtually play basketball with Jewish kids on Monday, street hockey with Albanian kids on Tuesday, soccer with Nigerian kids on Wednesday, football with American kids on Thursday, swim with Jordanian kids on Friday, play tennis with Vietnamese kids on Saturday and play baseball with El Salvadorian kids on Sunday.

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