Plans Don’t Always Go as Planned


Making a plan is a gift and a curse.

I was watching a Ted Talk the other day and my wife told me I was “such a white person” because the title was “how to remain calm when you know you’ll be stressed.”

My 30th birthday was this past weekend and we moved into our first apartment together as a married couple. She had an entire itinerary of exactly how the weekend would go, incorporating both birthday and moving plans. Every last one of them fell through. Every. Last. One.

See, me… I would have anticipated all of these things going wrong. I actually had to swoop in and call an audible last minute to assure certain things would happen on time, and smoothly. They did.

I feel like she’s learning to plan things out from me, just as I’m abandoning my obsession with planning. Almost EVERY time you plan something out, it will NEVER happen the way you believe it will. Planning is just one aspect of making plans.

I learned a very valuable lesson my freshman year from a business education course. This was one of the very first college classes I took and was all in. The lesson learned was P.L.O.C. If you simply make a plan, that’s cute. But you have to execute. You have to PLAN, LEAD, ORGANIZE and CONTROL. From the moment a plan arises, you have to improvise your ideas and anticipate conundrums… how can you not?! Not doing so is highly irresponsible.

I am a lot more disciplined and patient than most people, and for that reason my stress is well managed. My disappointments are few and far between. Expectations are the bane to my existence (I stole that from Kid Fury bee tee dubs).

I anticipate everything going wrong, and while planning things, I make plan Bs, Cs and Zs and then I laugh when things go wrong, just as I anticipated! I have a back-up plan for virtually every scenario going wrong.

People have their own agendas, own plans, and own fall throughs. It’s inevitable. Incorporate these things into your life, explore and analyze them. See them as experiences, not as disasters! Learn from them. Grow from them.

At the end of the day, a plan is something that seemed like a good idea in formulation. However, reality and unforeseen circumstances will always milly-rock on any block (of plans you thought you had!).

(I know I ended that with a shit ton of punctuation marks but whatever, figure it out English teacher and let me know the proper way to end that sentence. Also see my Freestyle Approach post before you adjust your spectacles and laugh at me!)