I May be a Little Prejudice…

But I wouldn’t consider myself “racist.” I mean, I could be wrong depending on your rubric and personal beliefs. I know the white people who I encounter on a daily basis and send me friend requests on Facebook are a little taken aback by my approach to candidly speaking about race(ism). GOOD! The fuck is the point otherwise?

My niggas know what’s going on. I’m your nigga so i’m gonna let you know whatta gwaan, seen?! Can you tell i’m learning from my Brown comedian friends (hi Hari) to not slow and dumb things down for those outside of the culture?

So anyways, I found something I wrote in my drafts in google. Where I stumbled across some old conversations i’ve had with my significant other and.. OK, let me not digress. So I found this thing titled “unpopular opinion alert” and it’s actually something I think my white counterparts may be completely surprised by. Because, you know, i’m racist in their eyes lol. And all black people want is payback and to retaliate for what Lily and them did back in the day. Uuuh, a lot of us have coped with that and actually just want to exist on our own terms.

Be advised that I love and hate all things equally. White, black, male, female, gay, trans, on the fence – I fucking love to hate all of you who fall under the label “ignorant and/or insensitive.” I know, I know… “but you’re so insensitive.” Deal with it. I have a chip on my shoulder from being such a naive youngin’ and i’ve just accepted that.

*Unpopular Opinion Alert*

I usually take these kind of posts to the blog. I’ve actually written about it before. I don’t want anybody to take what i’m saying personal. But when inspired, I write using “The Freestyle Approach” (also written about on my blog).

I wonder how these egregiously Pro Black folk really think they will ever make America/Africa theirs. How rude. And that they are the sole original contributors to the planet. I wonder if they believe in their feeble minds that once they “defeat whitey” (whatever that even means lol) that things will just “fall in line.” The balance of the Universe will restore. Shitting me.

All I had to do to un-Hotep and humble myself was study the Indigenous People of the land. Google Pine Ridge Reservations. They “defeated” whitey with treaties right? (That’s me being sarcastic). And look what happened.

Image result for pine ridge

Just saying. I read Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond. Not saying I know every got damn thing from reading a book (i’ve read 100s btw) But what i’m asking is – have you done your googles? And beyond that – Have you been to the bookstore lately? People who take the time to be intelligent write books and peer reviewed journal entries. Read some of those alongside the conspiracy theories!

The Information Age has got ignorant folks entering territories they have no business in. Hey – maybe i’m one of them? And don’t get me wrong “the dull and ignorant have their stories too” – but this isn’t the dull and ignorant hour.

OH! Shoutout to the like, 5 white people who haven’t unfriended me. Yall know my heart.


Bad Religion


I used to go hard against religion.. well Christianity anyway. I’ve evolved.. but old habits die hard. In my eyes, Christianity was the reason behind everyone’s audacity to judge me, even as a child.

Once I discovered Islam through hip-hop and 5 percenters (peace Gods!), I asked my mother why in the hell weren’t we Muslim. Her answer made sense to me. It was something along the lines of “because they are oppressive to women (just like the rest of them).. same reason I don’t consider myself a Rasta.. they believe women should only wear long skirts, never pants.. f*ck that!” Uh.. say no more Ma.

At some point I became aware that most enslaved Africans of the diaspora practiced Islam before being forcefully converted to Christians. They also practiced ancient African religions as well. This solidified my preference of Islam over Christianity. Not that I was in search of a religion to practice, I was just on a spiritual journey and trying to understand things.

“I don’t recall Islam ever being force fed down people’s throats in America.”

I learned so much of the taboo and “hidden in plain sight” stuff from Moors and people who chose Islam as their religion. I feel like Islam, practiced by Black people in particular, symbolizes rejection of 2nd class citizenship in America. First of all, it’s a choice. I don’t recall Islam ever being force fed down people’s throats in America. That’s why it makes sense that Islam is under attack and has been made our 21st century’s public enemy numero uno. Only second to the people who are practically indigenous to the Americas. But I digress.

I feel like an ulterior motive of religion is to program our subconscious and give false frames of reference, good and bad. There are obvious positive and negative aspects to every religion; it’s highly subjective and interpreted differently for each individual. It should be anyway. I just wish people would be more careful not to judge someone else’s choices based on a set of principles they either chose to believe, or were forced to.