Be Secure in my Perspective & Create Things


All I’ve ever wanted to do was be secure in my perspective and create things of use to myself and others. Use both sides of my brain. My aspirations are rooted in the deepest ocean and continue to grow beyond the stars.

There are so many complex relationships that exist within our Universe, between the two blues. I’ve been consciously examining these relationships as they relate to my space in time, since 2012. Cømplex Candles are physical manifestations of both being secure in my perspective and creating things of use.


Candles symbolize earth, wind and fire. They illuminate; activate senses. Candles work in cohesion with other elements. They encourage ordinary air to interact with mundane sights and smells. An aroma can carry you back to a particular place and time in your life. Our candles can create those memories for the future.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and supporting the Cømplex Candle Company!


Inspired by a Fan’s E-Mail, @IamKylous Drops the “Songs For Girls” EP

Songs For Girls Artwork.jpg

“You have the look and talent… but you don’t make enough songs for girls!”

Yeah, yeah we know. Everybody makes music.. but not like him!

Formerly known as Kage Eheh, Kylous is an artist/producer hailing from Gaithersburg, MD. With 5 self-made projects under his belt including the latest Resuscitation, Kylous drops another entitled Songs for Girls EP just in time for summer.

Girls just want to have fun right? Well here’s the soundtrack to get the party started! An email from a fan read: “You have the look and talent… but you don’t make enough songs for girls!”

“After sitting with this for about a week, the thought hit me. ‘Why don’t I just make some songs for girls?!’”

With titles like Kim Kardashian, She Cries and Drake or The Weeknd, there’s no doubt who this EP is for.

Songs For Girls – EP Stream & Download is available here:, Soundcloud!

[Video] Kylous – Power (Songs For Girls – EP)

[Download] Kylous – Songs For Girls – EP


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Complex Candle Company


[Rewind] So you know that Entrepreneurial Network I blogged about recently? I didn’t mention that the online bakery, Tiny Tastries, owned and operated by my then girlfriend was a business sparked from this idea.

[Fast Forward] My wife and I had a non-traditional pop-wedding on April 1, 2016. It was a practical, small scale  wedding where we made our own decorations and favors. Little did we know our candles would be such a hit! We received compliment after compliment about how “damn good they smelled” and everyone demanded to know where we purchased them. I knew right then and there what our next endeavor would be! Our second brainchild, The Complex Candle Company, was born.


Check out our Etsy page (in a few days, it’s currently under construction!) and see what all the rage is about! We bet you fall in love with our all natural soy wax candles, made in small batches to ensure quality. Choose from our hand selected fragrances in our 4 and 8 ounce size options. We also offer wholesale pricing including exclusive labeling options.

We hope our Complex Candle Company opens doors and extends opportunities to partner with other local entrepreneurs as did Tiny Tastries.

Checkout our most recent write up on

APW (A Practical Wedding) here!

The Entrepreneurial Network (of Like Minds)


So, I have this vision of creating a directory of entrepreneurs. That simple.

Everybody has needs, everybody has skills. Why not be the connection? I have a shit ton of talented friends. Some have work experience only, some have advanced degrees; others, like myself, have all that plus a mind full of ideas! Together we make up an enterprise. It doesn’t make sense that we are all under paid, under appreciated, and most of all under developed because of the lack of opportunity.

John Henrik Clarke first sparked this idea. He says Black people should be more self sufficient and provide what we need for each other. Start simple, we all need socks and drawers. Then go on from there.

Everyone has a respective skill set; just need somewhere to apply it. This seems so simple, but it must not be because i’m not familiar with anything of the sort. I could just be overlooking the fact that every business started as an entrepreneurial endeavor among friends. One example I can think of is a record label. You have a team of folks who all have a role in the end result. You have the engineers, the producers, the artists, the graphic designer, etc…

I want to create this network but I need more like minds. Who will be our target audience? What separates us from those that already exist in our place?

This idea solidified when I was a member of a message board forum “SGGDC” which stood for “Strictly Go-Go DC.” The site was built and maintained by members and hundreds of familiar people would visit this site on a daily basis; it was our twitter before twitter. In fact, twitter is what sent SGG packing.

The members slowly but surely left the board for their timeline. We discussed everything from “smash or pass” to deep philosophical debates about The New World Order. Music careers were supported and launched from this community forum.

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.’