Lucky for you That’s what I Like.


Journalism makes you happy. As well as being a bit mysterious. You’ve mastered the art of being mischievous. Never have you ever had an issue in that department. You enjoy going against the grain for good reason. Like challenging the status quo. Like challenging those around you to think differently, and deeper. You enjoy introducing new information, ideas and concepts to people. Sometimes, that alone is enough to satisfy your desire to Matlab Goose. Which means taking materials and labor and transforming them to goods and services. Not sure that follows but, it makes sense to me. I mean you.

You’ve always felt like you’d be an inventor. An innovator to be exact. You still feel you’ll write (and publish) a book one day. Whatever you do, you need to work with your hands and a microphone. You should probably abandon your fear of not consuming every aspect of whatever you’re into at the moment. It’s humanly impossible! Stop feeling like you have to cover all bases. Or be ahead of the curve. That’s why you must join or build a strong team. But you have fears concerning that. You have a fear of your “imposter syndrome” being exposed. This is why you’ve decided to tell and live your truth. Particularly embracing that you’ve lived a different life than most people who look like you. But be reminded, there are people who look like you and people who look like people who look like you that live a totally different life as well. Be humble.

You are an empath and very sensitive to the things around you. You know you need to cut people off and curate, let me just say it, your social media. You don’t have to feel like you’re abandoning folks. You don’t want to miss out on what “they” have going on. But “they” aren’t on what you’re on. At all. They are living their lives according to them. You do the same. Let them find their (own) way (out of your life). If it’s really that much of a distraction, mute them motherfuckers. If you realize you miss them, undo it.

Try and hone down on where your insecurity lies. Once you get a good grip on that, you can fix it and then what? You have no excuses. “Life is what you make it” and “opportunity comes to those who create it” (thanks Uncle Charla). Even though you aren’t religious, you still have certain faith about your destiny. You honestly believe you can achieve your dreams, but you also, simultaneously, with the same energy, believe regardless of how hard you try you will still fail. Best thing you can do is be honest with yourself and those around you, regardless of the possible outcome and destruction. Destroy & Rebuild. Over and over again. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

And like in the book the Alchemist, it’s all about the journey. Be in love with the journey. Ok ok ok, enough about you. Let’s end this here.