Inspired by a Fan’s E-Mail, @IamKylous Drops the “Songs For Girls” EP

Songs For Girls Artwork.jpg

“You have the look and talent… but you don’t make enough songs for girls!”

Yeah, yeah we know. Everybody makes music.. but not like him!

Formerly known as Kage Eheh, Kylous is an artist/producer hailing from Gaithersburg, MD. With 5 self-made projects under his belt including the latest Resuscitation, Kylous drops another entitled Songs for Girls EP just in time for summer.

Girls just want to have fun right? Well here’s the soundtrack to get the party started! An email from a fan read: “You have the look and talent… but you don’t make enough songs for girls!”

“After sitting with this for about a week, the thought hit me. ‘Why don’t I just make some songs for girls?!’”

With titles like Kim Kardashian, She Cries and Drake or The Weeknd, there’s no doubt who this EP is for.

Songs For Girls – EP Stream & Download is available here:, Soundcloud!

[Video] Kylous – Power (Songs For Girls – EP)

[Download] Kylous – Songs For Girls – EP


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My Talented Ass Cousin @IAmKylous


Kylous, Minx Lea, Moi, Hologram Don

So I have this talented ass cousin right. This nigga plays every instrument, he’s tall, he plays ball, he got “good hair”… all that shit.  I’ll make it easy for you ladies to stalk his IG. When my father told me he rapped a few years ago (about 5), I was like “lol.. ok Dad.” Because you know first of all, he’s my “little” cousin, then that’s when wack ass rap was ubiquitous. This was right before the new wave (Drake, Cole, Kendrick, Wale, Beast Coast) swam through. I must say, when I heard a few of his songs I was impressed, honestly.

@Kylous (formerly known as Kage Eheh) is a signer, rapper, producer, musical genius, visionary, etc.. One of those guys. He does 99% of his own shit, from mastering tracks to editing videos. He’s even been kind enough to let me help shoot and feature in a few.

I never felt quite right reviewing his music because I know i’m biased. All of it is dope to me, but I must admit it’s a unique sound. Remember, this bamma plays every instrument so he’s like… not a nerd but you know… not out here fronting, perpetrating an image either. If he’s not working, at the gym or walking his pit-bull… He’s in his studio. And this ain’t a little rinky-dink setup. It’s the real deal. Did I mention he was funny too?

His music is a mix of alternative hip-hop, reggae and soul. It’s for people like us, introverts and students of hip-hop. He raps from the depths of his mind and heart. His productions are sonically astounding, no sice. He’s mean on the strings! He does scores and compositions and shit these other closet-booth producers don’t. Check out his YouTube page.

He’s smart as shit too. He knows the business side of the game very well. I’ve indirectly learned so much from him about being an independent artist. More than he probably even knows, no bullshit. The site I bought this domain name from was because of him, I learned about it from reading his blog. I see he stopped putting y’all on to game though, and started applying his creative genius to his own brand. He was going the producer route but has reconnected with his artistic root. I commend that and I want to be sure I help his goals be accomplished.

I feel like he (we) suffers from what I call the “genius-complex.” It’s when you know you’re talented, you know you can show and prove but because opportunities aren’t necessarily knocking, you try and do every-single-got-damn-thing independently and burn yourself out. You get frustrated with not being able to materialize your ideas, visions and dreams. Being humble and patient is a huge gift & curse.


Kylous has 100’s of songs and has put together a number of complete projects, the most recent Resuscitation. This is a 16 track cohesive album with each song relating to another. Hear it here on Spotify!


Kylous’ latest video Millionaire Problems was produced and directed by him, shot by his little brother Hologram Don.

Get familiar with Kylous because he will be back on Th.Ur.Di. Blog soon come! Stay tuned for the brand new EP dropping 6/20 entitled Songs For Girls. It’s right on time for the upcoming Summer 16! Here’s the single Power, available for download on SoundCloud.


Be sure to subscribe to Kylous’ YouTube page for the latest tings a gwaan.



Th.Ur.Di.’s Take on T.L.O.P. – Masterpiece, or Nah?

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.01.01 PM

I feel like Pablo when I’m workin’ on my shoes
I feel like Pablo when I see me on the news
I feel like Pablo when I’m workin’ on my house
Tell ’em party’s in here, we don’t need to go out

Kanye is the G.O.A.T. as far is Hip-Hop production is concerned – debate yourself. I’m not here to review this album or to stan/cape for Ye (ok i’m lying) … he’s my OG! What i’m going to do is tell you my favorite & least favorite tracks on The Life Of Pablo, in order. Here is what I like and what I don’t care too much for. Here’s nothing:


***** TOP 5 ***** 

30 Hours

This is my favorite track because Ye is spitting. Not only is he spitting, but he’s intertwining humor, satire and real life  into a witty monologue. “I wake up, all veggies no eggs / I hit the gym, all chest no legs.” Shit like that. I’m not extremely proud of this, but Nelly was by far my favorite rapper going into high school. Like, I went to his concert with my then girlfriend and everything. So the “Andele andele, E.I. E.I., uh oh” and “it’s getting hot in here, that’s all that I know” siced me (made me extremely excited). The bars about the 3 star hotel, Double Tree, Not the Aria, Waffle House, ‘don’t start with me’. Dope. “You was the best of all time at the time though.” Shit like that. I love how Ye spit this “I remember rapping for Jay and Cam, young producer just tryna get his flows off / I remember being nervous to do Victoria Secret til I pictured everybody with their clothes off.” I like how wordy the second part of that bar is, it flows. “.. i’m driving with no winter tires in December, Skirt, skirt, skirt like a  private school for women.” Bars like that. When he uttered “help me out 3 stacks” .. and 3 stacks helped him out .. i’ve never heard anything greater. I love how Ye is freestyle flowing at the end, I ALWAYS freestyle at the end of Ye tracks. Always. So I felt a connection. That’s why he’s my OG. He’s confident enough to show the process. And who doesn’t understand that 30 Hours is a play on 30 Showers? Gotta love Ye!


This is my second favorite track because Kanye is extremely brash, rude and overly confident. I love that shit. “I bet you me and Ray J would be friends / If we ain’t love the same bitch.” Overall I just like the fun, upbeat cocky flow. “I’m a shift the paradigm, I’m a turn up every time.” Ye uses his celebrity to advance himself, as he should, and to challenge corporate structures. Whoever thinks Ye has sold out is tripping. No sell out is going to say “advice for all my niggas, impregnate Bridgette / so when she have a baby, she gon’ make another nigga.” There are far too many quotables on this record. The Dream (I typed the Game originally, LOL) is blessing this track with his vocals. “I need every bad bitch up in Equinox  / I wanna know if you’re a freak or not.” Apparently, Bob Saget fucks with Highlights too.


Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2

I fucks with this track because the production is Trap Rooted. It changes the direction of T.L.O.P. I love how aggressively Ye sings here. This is my introduction to the new dude Desiigner; I was sure he was Future until I saw the “Panda” record all over my timeline. I have no idea what Desiingner is saying, but sonically, it sounds good. Definitely a banger.


I’m not sure how this is number 4 because I really, really like this song. It’s a testament to how good T.L.O.P. is (again, debate your mother nigga). Honestly, FSMH2 & Famous could be interchanged. I think the way  Ye opens up FSMH2 gave it a 1 up. However, the little Sister Nancy “Bam Bam” sample/remix catapults Famous up there too. Rihanna sounds so damn good on Famous. Too got damn bad ANTI bored the fucking shit out of me. I hope it grows on me, but anyways. Can’t deny the bravado behind the Taylor Swift sass (FDB). I’m team Yeezy. “I be Puerto Rican Day parade floating / The benz Marina Del Rey Coasting.” I can’t get enough of his luxury rap. Shouts to Nina Simone, too.

Ultra Light Beams

Now don’t get me wrong… I 100% understand how GREAT Ultra Light Beam is. It’s like Kid Fury said, probably the best song on the album. I wouldn’t argue. I can’t get enough of the little girl… DAS IT! Chance KILLS it. Kelly Price KILLS it. The Dream KILLS it. Kirk Franklin KILLS it. I’m not a Christian and that’s probably why I’m not drooling over this track, it’s really churchy. But I enjoy every bit of it and I fucking FEEL when that choir (or whatever) sings in unison. It MOVES me. The Dream has one of my favorite singing voices; him and Jeremih can sing virtually anything and i’ll get my life.

***** 2nd Tier*****


Unlike most of my contemporaries, I like the Weeknd. Lol. He is very much singing like, well, The Weeknd and I must say I enjoy it over Mr. West’s production. My favorite part of this song, much like Famous, is when the musical sequence (trying to sound like I know what i’m talking about here) changes. The sample used this time is Section 25’s “Hit.” I have no idea who those folks are and this is what I love most about classic hip-hop producers; their ability to take something old and make it brand new. “See before I let you go, one last thing I need to let you know / you ain’t never seen nothing crazier than, this nigga when he off his lexapro.” This may come off as facetious, but I think otherwise.“I’ma have the last laugh in-the-end (Indian) / cuz i’m from a tribe called Check-A-Hoe.” This song is Ye showing his vulnerability, “revealing layers of his soul.” This was originally in my top 5, and honestly probably should be in place of FSMH2. But 9/10 i’ll play FSHM2 before I play FML even though FML is the better song, overall.

Father Stretch My Hands 1

Kanye is a fucking fool. Models, bleached assholes. Like forreal?! I understand how this can be off putting to some, but this exemplifies what I adore about Ye. He is an artist, period. Don’t censor him. Also, i’m a big believer of if you believe it, if you think it, if you conceive it … it can’t be “wrong”. When genius’, indigos, deep thinkers, etc… say things like “We are Gods” – what we mean is we have the ability to think AND create. That’s Godly. We don’t expect you to get it. Carry on.

Real Friends

To me, this is a continuation of Welcome To Heartbreak (808’s) where Ye is being introspective, reflecting on being absent from peoples lives who matter to him. It’s about tarnished friend/relation-ships. I can relate; I feel like a deadbeat cousin sometimes too. And a deadbeat friend. Hearing these sentiments help me cope with being an introvert. An introvert who yearns to create, to shift paradigms and to simply be FREE. I didn’t like Ty Dolla $ign for a long time. I now appreciate the texture he offers on tracks like “Real Friends.” He kind of has a reggae flow when he sings, I like it. This song is refreshing, a polar opposite to the other side of Kanye I love. Do you see his Dilemma? I do.

No More Parties in L.A.

I opened up the post with my favorite line from this entire project. Is it THEE best line? Nah. But it pretty much sums up Kanye’s underlying existence. It’s so good and so timely. Kanye is always current, never wasting words! Fuck! Who hasn’t watched Narcos? Who wasn’t rooting for Pablo?!?! Who is willing to deny Kanye is a creative Genius, to the likes of a Pablo Picasso? I think the title (No More Parties) is another way of saying “I don’t seek your validation anymore Hollywood, i’m creating the standard over here, you might want to come fuck with me.” It’s Ye making the industry compromise and respect his genius. If they don’t fall in line, it’s “back to our regularly scheduled programming, of weak content and slow jamming.” 



The beat behind Feedback is kind of corny. “I  can’t let these people play me /Name one genius that aint crazy!” is the best part of this song. This sounds like it was a Yeezus reject. It’s catchy. But corny. “Hands up, we just doing what the cop taught us.” Yeezy being timely again. “I be saying what I feel at the wrong time.” Facts. “Fashion show in Gotham, I need another costume / PETA mad cuz I made a jacket out of possum / Awesome, Steve Jobs mixed with Steve Austin / Rich slave in the store picking cotton.” This has to be a Yeezus throw away. He should have put it on there instead. Kanye just flossing on this song, defending himself against the negative feedback he receives. He said it himself “I’m the ghetto Oprah” and gives out proverbial furs, jets and big booty bitches to “audience members.”


“Step up in this bitch like, i’m the one your bitch like.” That’s just the wave. I don’t really care too much for this song, to be honest. Chris Brown collabs here, nothing to write home about. I wonder if when Ye finished this he liked it so much we wanted to change the album name to Waves. I’m glad he didn’t, if that was the motivation. This song is just ok. I wanted the album’s title to remain Swish! And this cover art would have been dope. HOWEVER. After rocking with T.L.O.P. it’s almost a masterpiece (stan mode fully activated).


This joint is very Michael Jackson-esque. Must I say, it is so very nice to hear Miss Frank Ocean!!! Damn I miss her voice!! Frank, COME THROUGH! This is more like a chant as opposed to a song, and that’s one reason it’s so low on the list. It’s dope though. For sure. I thought the whole Wolves concept was something him and Drake would create from. Did he switch it up and use Frank? Or is he throwing us for a loop, hoping we’ll forget about the Drake shit and just hit us with it. I feel like this has some kind of biblical frame of reference i’m unaware of. “Cover Nori, in lambs woolSurrounded by, these fucking wolves.” Am I right?


I think I think too much too. I wrote a rap “I think I think too much and I feel too little / That’s why I roll these leaves with the trees in the middle.” So immediately, I felt a connection with this song. I love how the “rock the boat” flow is used here “i’m gon work the middle / til it hurt a little.” Owww! I love how this songs feels. It’s bouncy, its like an 80’s feel. I think, I was all of 1 thru 3 years of age in the 80’s, fuck do I know lol. I just know it’s from a different era where another genre of music was considered popular. This was in the last category, but it got moved up to 2nd tier. I realized I just hadn’t listed to this track as to why I didn’t care too much about it. It’s more musical than lyrical. It’s nice. Shout out Post Malone!



Freestyle 4

I like the effects Kanye puts on his voice here, he is a master at manipulating sound  and using his own actual voice accompanied by auto-tune as an instrument. I actually woke up and found myself reciting the lyrics and playing this first in the morning. I think this is Ye showing he can make the kind of music that’s on the radio, easily. This freestyle is funny, vulgar, flagrant. “What if we fucked at this vogue party? Would we be the life of the whole party?” Uh..

I Love kanye

Like. Whatever. I’m not even sure exactly what the title of this is (maybe I should download Tidal lol). The Old Kanye? I Love Kanye? It’s an acapella fresstyle  where Kanye is kind of poking fun at himself. Up and coming producers have taken his vocals and laid their beats behind them. The one I heard from Key Wane? Wasn’t very impressive. By the way, if Kanye releases TLOP in the hard copy  format- I’M COPING IT. For the record.

Silver Surfer Intermission

This is just an intermission, so it’s nothing to write home about. We are well aware of the “beef” between Wiz and Ye prior to this dropping. I’m sure this was just used to clear the air, to squash all beefs and to show the comradery among rap stars. Max B didn’t say anything quotable or too “wavy” so this intermission is just meh. Again, it’s a timely milestone marker for us 10 years down the line.

Low Lights

This song is like the Pep before the Ultra Light Beam rally. It’s meh. It’s another church inspired spoken word segment. It fits well into the project, but I could live without it personally.  The fact that highlights follows this track is funny to me. It’s like Ye is intentionally putting tracks in this order, pairing (using my concept) dilemmas. The raunchy, brash records next to the thought provoking, classic joints. This interlude could accompany Jesus walks, in the sense of just because i’m not “your” version of Christian, doesn’t mean i’m any less Christian than you.


Now I don’t think this song is to be taken seriously. It’s a throw away track and here simply to antagonize Nike execs. Ye is just being Ye, being controversial while simultaneously sticking his middle finger up at these corrupt ass corporations. I honestly could have done without ever hearing this song. Part of me wishes he left it off the album, but it’s timely. In 10 years we’ll be able to remember exactly what the environment was to influence such a song. Just like the Freestyle 4, Ye is showing he can make any kind of rap music. His content is like an Olympic Swimming pool. It’s luxurious, has several of it’s own lanes, it’s shallow, it’s deep – and regardless if it’s used for exercise or recreation, it’s undeniable. It’s recognizable. It’s all inclusive.

You did it again Mr. West. Another 1.

Thank You.


! @CypherClique – “The Greatest Show On Thirst” #Mixtape Review

The Greatest Show On Thirst (Front Cover).jpg The Greatest Show On Thirst (Back Cover).jpg

@CypherClique is back, this time to present The Greatest Show on Thirst. Stream & Download Here!

This mixtape consists of 14 tracks that could easily be the soundtrack for The Young and the Reckless. It’s a bit more amusing compared to their last project “The City,” a solid tape nonetheless. #GSOT is filled with summertime bangers, heavily influenced by the “OPP” and young rising star mentality. Like Mic Anthony says in Shot Me Down, “these hoes gotta stop acting like niggas didn’t turn down a record deal last year.

The character traits of each member is solidified throughout this mixtape; D-Major being the laid back one, Mic Anthony, Mr. Crush-A-Lot & last but not least; Relay the Prince of Wordplay.

This mixtape has an intro, outro, interlude and skits throughout to make you feel like you’re right there with The Clique. The skits explore the morals (or lack thereof?) expressed by them and their peers. These enhancements make the tape flow into one cohesive piece.

The intro, The Diamond Group,  let’s you know “off the jump like booster cables” that it’s about unadulterated, kinky, wild, maybe even irresponsible fun. The following tracks Apples, Peaches, Oranges and Friends With Benefits are odes to the bachelor lifestyle. Track 4, The Dewey Devil, is 2 minutes of Relay doing what he does best, spitting rapid fire wordplay and metaphors at you.

“We was waitin’ in the basement / now we famous so they hatin’ / yeah you wasn’t on the roster (rasta) so who cares bout what you’re makin’ (jamaican).” 


Relay, D-Major, Mic Anthony

Shot Me Down is an “i’m feeling myself, I got a big ego” record. The beat resonates as a pop leaning, suburbia targeted track, which may explain why I didn’t like it at first. I must admit, it grew on me and it fits with their aura. The Scumbag Nick skit follows and is totally left field, unless you’re an avid user of twitter. If you are, the randomness of this discussion won’t move you whatsoever! It’s totally in the spirit of twitter, random outlandish conversation that fits into youth pop culture.

Good Money follows and is a braggadocios banger. This beat is guaranteed to make you nod and move to it. @MattHowe_t4l of Tribe Beats appears on this song, his flow and production contributing to @CypherClique‘s signature “feel good” sound. The Paige Interlude produced by Lone Moon Complex serves as a dope,  smooth, mysterious transition into the next track, Mastermind. This song sums up and reiterates the entire mixtape’s vibe of “im tipsy, you tipsy, live risky, come with me.” Money is the motive because money allows them to enjoy the life they desire, not one they’re subject to. It’s Show Biz baby.

Matt Howe of Tribe Beats

My favorite song Champagne Dreams featuring Frank Boy is next up and has a “best night of your life” theme, certainly aimed towards the ladies. D-Major doesn’t seem to appear on this mixtape as much as he did on The City, but he does his thing on Hop To It, both lyrically and production wise. “Got you hooked like it’s crack rock, Major on the back drop, yeah you know the tracks hot, nigga this your last stop.

He is definitely the most humble of the crew. Relay is simultaneously cocky and humble, stating “have my cake and eat it too, naysayers wonder why, cuz when I ego trip I still save that humble pie.Mic Anthony is cocky, period. “Im an asshole, that’s why I talk shit though.”

Just Like Wrestling features the trippy @YungTy who I believe is from Delaware also. This is a laid back, late night “lets get lifted” track.

Ty Kenney (@YungTy)

Mic Anthony wants  you to know that he “is really really out here” in Bang Bang Bang. The Clique‘s homeboy @DubRealHeavy is on this joint, along with @MattHowe_t4l. The outro, Quaaludes and Girlfriends is like part two to The Suare. “I know these niggas got more money than me, but I have a better life – It’s not about the money dogg its about the feeling. If it feels right .. it’s right.”  I couldn’t agree more.

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! @Empire_Of_Kingz Presents: Independence Day Artist Showcase


The Empire of Kings Music Group is an up-and-coming Independent Label & Entertainment Company based out of the Washington, DC Metro area. Yesterday, E.O.K. held an “Indie”pendent artist showcase and networking event, hosting local talent throughout the DMV area. The talent included: Tiny TastriesDugee F. Buller, Handsum Robb, Flex Kartel, Jamaal Lammaj & Amber Monae, Mental SupremeTheory Booking and more.

eok   awoltbookingTiny Tastries BLACKMental Supreme mamd

The live podcast interview was presented by Dj Moe on behalf of Jump Out Radio. The creatives behind the live photo and video shoot were AWoL Media Group, LLC. Below are some behind the scenes photos from EOK Music Group’s single “Black Coupe” featuring Dugee F. Buller, Flex Kartel & Handsum Robb and art from Jamaal Lamaaj & Amber Monae.


Be Sure to Check Out:

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According to @MeekMill, @Wale “Isn’t MMG”

photo credit:

Now I admit this may be biased. Not only because I’m from the #DMV but because I’ve always been a fan of @Wale from the beginning. I’m talking about Dig Dug. Got’em!

What sealed the deal though was Wale’s song “Lucky Me” off of his Hate Is The New Love Mixtape. This tape dropped while I was dipping my toe in the pool of deep thought & planning my escape from the matrix. I realized we had a lot in common from having immigrant parents to residing on Peabody Street in Washington, DC. I also felt a personal connection due to him residing in Montgomery County for similar reasons; because our parents felt that was best for our education and development of cultural consciousness.

But being even a little hood or a little foreign and growing up in Montgomery County will place you under 100 different microscopes to be examined by 100 different people who are nothing like you.

Now I’m saying all of this to ask, what does @MeekMill mean @Wale isn’t MMG? Because he isn’t fabricating his street life? Because he doesn’t glorify the things that would make his mother shout? Because he feels more valuable as an advocate for our black women as opposed to pimping them? Because he writes poetry?

I can honestly say that I have not listened to any of @MeekMill’s full projects. I’m not necessarily interested; I’ve heard it all before I am sure. No new perspectives or intelligence to learn from.

I am 100 percent sure that @MeekMill’s fan base looks nothing like @Wale‘s fan base at the core.

That’s all.

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Th.Ur.Di’s Recap | #TheNewRetroPreProject


I was invited, on behalf of @TinyTastries (, to vend at #TheNewRetroPreProject. So, I had 2 epiphanies while spectating last night. First… white boys who rap… usually can word to @BrainRapp! And second, I realized I need to go on a Hip-Hop fast. Like, not listen to any Hip-Hop for a few weeks, just to become acclimated with new, alternative music.

Tiny Tastries BLACK

I must tip my hat to all the performers, particularly the newer artists. I want to especially shout out @IamLX who performed first and got the party started! It takes a very courageous person to stand on stage and share their art, allowing strangers to critique it with hopes of impressing them. I enjoyed how who appeared to be random people from the crowd ended up on stage performing… that was dope!

Big #salute to @ModernPantheist, man was I impressed!! They are a self-proclaimed psych-rock-pop band (can we say trippy?) out of Los Angeles, CA. I affectionately dubbed them the White Bush Zombies which is a HUGE compliment if you know how much I love and adore the psych-hip-hop trio the The @FlatbushZombies out of Brooklyn, NY!

I was also impressed by @TooFlyy41’s confidence and his compelling song about being a teenage cancer survivor. He came down off the stage and back into the crowd to perform his whole set; that made him appear more personally involved with his craft. It was kind of symbolic (being that he’s from VA) that he’s “not afraid to stand out in a crowd.” (VA gets thrown shade for some reason, I can relate being from Moco .. but I digress)!

Big #shoutout to @TheCawlCrusade .. the youngin’ definitely had the whole venue rocking! During his Black Panthers act, what seemed to be the entire 1st, 2nd and 3rd row hopped on stage to turn up. Biggups to @PinkyKillaCorn and @RobbieCeleste (he thinks he spelled that right!) who came out and #KeptItFunky as @NewRetroGeneral would say. @NatureboiTHEPRO kept the crowd’s attention in between sets with arbitrary, on-the-spot jokes. Kudos to him for that!

Last but not least was the Linkin Park/Jay-Z styled Collision Course where @NewRetro covered and performed live music from @DugeeLFE,  @RobRegal301 (fka Lyriciss) as well as other aforementioned artists.

Check Out The Th.Ur.Di. Review of:

@NewRetroGeneral‘s General Public Radio here

@RobRegal301‘s The Balance here

@DugeeLFE‘s Moet and Mad Dog here.

This was certainly the highlight of my evening and the exact representation of what the DMV music scene, in my opinion, should look like. Unified yet diverse genres covering all alternative cultures where everyone feels welcomed to jam out together. Peacefully.


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! @NewRetroGeneral “General Public Radio” | Th.Ur.Di. Mixtape Review


@NewRetroGeneral x

While this mixtape was released 3 years ago in 2011, it still resonates with me as one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard … indie, local, mainstream or otherwise. I don’t know if it’s because it’s actually that good, or because I was spiraling down the rabbit hole when I discovered it and it seemed to be in tune with everything I was into at the moment.

Conspiracies, covert government operations, the illuminati… that kinda shit ya know? So here I am revisiting General Public Radio (G.P.R.) with a purpose, equipped with the Th.Ur.Di. lens giving it a thorough review.

The last verse of the Intro is creative in that it’s like a table of contents on what’s to come. General cleverly raps about the track list by describing what you’ll be hearing. For example, the last song on this mixtape is called “introspection hour”, the next track after the intro is a “commercial break” and following the commercial break is the track entitled “Today’s Forecast.”

“And the last hours introspection, it’s in the perfect place
analyze your life, meditate and make sure its straight
now i’ma take you to the weather after this commercial break”
– Intro

The Commercial Break is actually a double entendre where General expresses the commercial choke-hold on hip-hop music, even eluding to the rumors of how it’s ran by secret societies and fueled by material possessions.

“I go by the General, all about residuals
got em on my own, no blood, bones and rituals
just, keepin’ it lyrical, not concerned with materials
but of course i want it, my stomach it isn’t nearly full”
– Commercial Break 1

I grew up listening to NPR; so the concept alone caught my attention and captivated me. I wondered “why the hell is he fashioning his mixtape after a news program?” He has clips from broadcaster Diane Rehm throughout the tape and also samples of the NPR theme song. This makes the mixtape that much more enjoyable to me. If you don’t know Diane Rehm by name, you’ll certainly never forget her once you hear her voice.

General’s creativity throughout the tape is impressive, showing his intended audience is of a higher brow. This mixtape has the formula for a good time; quality content, wordplay AND production. G.P.R. certainly opened my mind to “indie” and “underground” music. It was one of the first projects I heard with no glitz and glamour. Just straight up REAL SHIT I was dealing with.

“Startin’ in debt, it’s clear they robbin’ us
so it’s funny that our money says in God we trust
when it’s in man to keep the economy moving forward
companies maximizin’ profits by cuttin through the corners
and then they stock is droppin, there goes a few employers
to all my graduates of college i hope that you enjoy it”
– Current State

Frequently I listen to lectures and independent programs on media manipulation and news cycles.  I had to double check the date on this mixtape because a number of the same topics from years ago seemed to had resurfaced with different details. For example, the oil spills and government shut down.

G.P.R. has an old school feel, not necessarily boom bap though. I feel like it’s the perfect balance of urban music and urban cultural expression. General is lead rapper of an (awesome!!!) funk band New Retro; this live music form is obviously an influence on his solo music. I feel like people who enjoy spoken word and jazz would gravitate towards his genre.

General raps about a little dilemma he has himself in the Outro, “they say i’m spittin’ like i’m 5 percenting but i’m Christian,” and again in Oil Spill “son of a pastor so, i guess i’m Heaven sent in this dark world, tryin’ to find my relevance until Heavens my residence.” He also references fusing hip-hop with Eastern Philosophies throughout the mixtape. His faith, intellect and being from Prince George’s County Maryland is very influential to his art.

General Performing @ Tropicalia DC

This mixtape is as good as I thought it was; what’s even more evident to me this time around is General’s lyrical ability. It’s obvious he has knowledge of self and is aware of our skewed society, as explored in tracks like Oil Spill, Commercial Break 2, and my personal favorite Introspection Hour.

“I’m seeing signs of peeps that keep they mind runnin’ on E
I try to teach, but my advice they just don’t want to take heed, it’s all about the present
consistent momentary fixes have defined our presence
while we listenin’ to death under the guise of lessons
I swear it’s like a weapon”
– Introspection Hour

Be sure to check download this project and check New Retro out. If you like The Urban Dilemma blog, you’ll love General Public Radio!!

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! @DugeeLFE “Moet & Mad Dog” | Th.Ur.Di. Mixtape Review


Moet and Mad Dog exemplifies the nitty-gritty double consciousness of inner-city living. While it’s not the most glamorous lifestyle and appears chaotic to onlookers, those involved experience a bitter-sweet existence. Dugee invites you into his world. Sometimes it’s Moet, sometimes it’s Mad Dog. They both get him through the good times as well as the struggle, just in a very different way.

This mixtape does not include a lot of unnecessary sicing or luxury name dropping; it’s authentic and honest music. The only real designer references are relevant to drugs … excuse me … mind altering medicine! Moet and Mad Dog does include a lot of local lingo and epithets that will leave those from outside of the DMV confused. For example, “..let me keep it PG, got this bait, you know I’m going fishing.”

“Enough with this talk, time for some action,
Let’s go on a trip, no need for packing”
Designer Medicine

Wholetime though, Dugee has his very own language that will have us all deciphering together (bongski, wowski and so on).

This mixtape consists of 12 tracks about sex, drugs and aggression; aggression towards fraudulent behavior, particularly those diminishing DMV/Trap culture by perpetrating and only supporting celebrity rappers from other regions. These dudes fall for the false imagery in mainstream pop culture and hate on people who actually pay their dues.

If you want the finer things in life, including economic freedom and fly ass women, competition is inevitable. Naturally then, this is explored throughout hip-hop. Anybody can rap, just like anybody can dribble a basketball. However, you have to put in the effort and dedication; a minimum of 10,000 hours of remaining focused and building with like minds instead of succumbing to self-destruction. Even natural talents have to be practiced and polished.

Because Dugee put the time in, he can drink White Star by the Caseload. He stopped balling on a budget to stunt on his payroll!

Dugee came out swinging “fuck you new rap niggas!” Then proceeded to inform them that they’re weak, their co-signers are just dick-riding coat tails and he will bury them and their crew… lyrically. He addresses them throughout the tape, particularly on John Riggo, Look Up, Emergency and Bangerz.

“Let me keep it humble,
Man my enemies they mumble,
Got a whole lot of doubters,
But they got some bigger struggles”
John Riggo

I wouldn’t consider Dugee a mad rapper, but like most artists who put their blood, sweat and tears into their craft, I believe he is frustrated with the new kids on the block who don’t put in the work to build a real career. He’s fed up with these YouTube and Soundcloud rappers, the ones who do it simply for fame and for views, the ones who could never rock a show. You know, the “link in bio” ass niggas who don’t respect the game and therefore don’t respect him. He doesn’t want to be confused as one of them. “Niggas say we nuts, I prefer the term cashews (classy).”

“Bitch nigga prove me wrong, thought so
You can’t do me harm,
Them dookie songs don’t move me nah,
Grown man write choruses for the mortgages,
Take over corporate, Smoke out the office,
While yall out on a limb like some ornaments,
On the corner? Shit.
We in the market bout to corner it, i’m sure of it.”

When it comes to hood industries, everybody is hustling. The result is collateral damage and by-products including: pimps, hoes, prostitutes, gangsters, drug dealers, entertainers, junkies etc. Dugee speaks on this demographic. He also addresses the women who aren’t interested in making their own careers and building with their partners, the ones just looking for a come up get no respect either. These themes are explored on tracks like Love Shack, Dreamin, Migo Hit My Boost, Yeah U Luv It and Da Echoes.

Overall, Dugee makes music for him and his core fan base, not to please pop culture fans or mainstream labels. Dugee F. Buller has proved he isn’t interested in quick fame. I appreciate this more than anything. Dugee is a very unique and charismatic INTELLECTUAL individual; this bleeds through his art. Dugee is the same person on the phone, in person, in the classroom, on twitter, on mixtapes and so on. LFE Baaaaabyyy.

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Don’t Call Me a #Blogger fea. @SchoolBoyQ

Paid Dues Festival x San Bernardino, CA x 2013

I’m not a blogger. You already know how I feel about labels & concepts. I am an introspective person who uses Th.Ur.Di., BLOG as a platform to get what is inside out.

And with that being said… A blogger had made a comment about SchoolBoy Q’s Oxymoron being a wack album that he would catch an L for, but make money regardless. This didn’t make any sense to me.

The SchoolBoy Q Show I attended was sold the fuck out. As were many other of his other shows. I thought Q was going to pass out and lose his voice, I can tell he’s been going hard, working his ass off. I wondered in what context did this blogger reach his conclusion. What does taking an L mean? And then it hit me. He means people like him can’t relate to it and don’t necessarily care for somebody like him to stay relevant. They are more like Big Sean fans and shit.

What I like most about Quincey is his individuality. Nobody in the game sounds like him, I like how he changes his voice and flow often. I like how he makes ADHD noises on his tracks. Yawk Yawk. Knock Knock. Woop Woop. When you hear that, you already know. There He Go!

Your environment is your environment. I feel he was a not-so-good kid in a mad city. Not awful though, just unlike Kendrick, fell deeper into peer and old head pressure.

I feel like Q is not an imitation, but an embodiment of what the niggas he grew up around molded him to be. Gangsta is more a mentality than anything, and don’t confuse it with coon mentality. He’s from the ghetto. The drug game has two sides, the supply side and the demand side. Q expresses how his observation of junkie behavior in order to purchase drugs, led him to want to supply the drugs and collect the money.

Q went to school. He played sports, football I believe, and reveals it’s the only thing that kept his interest in school. In my experience, some ghetto families don’t value American education because it’s counterproductive. It stifles money making opportunities, all in an effort to keep them in their sub servant position. Other families see it as a gateway out of the hood though.

Back to the type of people who “don’t like” Q. I wonder why.

I imagine they are either conditioned to look down upon the ghetto, are broke or “square.” In a nutshell; a number of falsely inflated egotistical ass bloggers. The kids who got bullied by Q and don’t want him to make it for real. They secretly feign his approval, to no avail. Not until they are needed to promote his product. And this is where the dilemma arises when they need each other. And bloggers can determine whether or not someone takes a proverbial “L.”

I realized then that I wanted to be something other than a blogger/music critic. I just wanted to be me.

The girls’ guys like, like three kind of dudes; or any combination of the three. Go hard dudes, good looking dudes and dudes with money. “Hoes flock to you when your name is Q.” You have little control over your good looks, sex appeal and being attractive is one thing. Ugly niggas with money win all the time. The lames though, you know the ones i’m talking about, even with money and good looks can have a hard time keeping the type of woman they adore.

So now that the street dudes are getting clean money again, where do the lames go? The girls they happen to snatch up, they do everything they can to keep them out of reach from the other niggas she might like. “You better not be out with them niggas!”

It’s like the lames were needed as middle men… and are slowly becoming unnecessary.

The Puff Daddys’ that maneuvered their way into the in crowd are scared of being bitched out again. Some bloggers are groupies in my opinion. I watch them group with my own two eyes. They do what they do for exclusives, backstage access and other free shit. They want to be  close to and accepted by dudes like Q.

I am a true fan of and root for guys like Q, and I could care less if he stops to take a picture with me. So long as he keeps making music that I can really relate to.

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