“They are the same through their eyes”

The Urban Dilemma is a concept I came up with to understand and navigate my world. It’s the phenomenon surrounding each and every black adolescent’s personal choice of which road to travel through an engineered society as a systematically marginalized member. Also taken into consideration is the over saturation of pop culture and negative media targeted toward this demographic.

Because we are analyzed and scapegoated through the eyes of the dominant culture, we are subject to a paradigm; a tainted double-consciousness which is part and parcel to both the total self-destruction and total self-determination by any means necessary. Our dilemma is the constant need to defend and affiliate with what we are and what we aren’t, explicitly or otherwise (constant defense mechanism).

This is exemplified through the various genres of Hip-Hop Music and Alternative Lifestyles we enjoy, and our varying attitudes towards them. Instead of seeing them as personal expressions, we see them as standards of what it means to be real. My Th.Ur.Di. Reviews are my attempts at responsible hip-hop journalism.

In my experience, without knowledge of self, the underlying message black youth receive and repress is that we are nothing but descendants of (ignorant) slaves. Imitating or selling out to white people is the only way to succeed. This is programmed into our psyche all throughout society via public institutions, particularly school and most significantly through the prison industrial complex. So because this country and government fucked us over, and continues to, we either internalize the racism or rebel, refusing to follow any rules or assimilate into white society. Going to jail seems inevitable if the latter option taken.

Ignorance is bliss and with knowledge comes responsibility. With that being said, here is my blog. I’m not perfect but I am attempting to be open about my feelings and decisions I’ve made thus far and continue to make on a daily basis. I am also sharing my opinion and perspective on what I observe in our world. I absolutely welcome and encourage you to correct me where I am wrong about FACTS. But do know I probably won’t care and am apologetic.

I want to be careful to separate the system of white supremacy from white people in general. The media plays a large role in the maintaining the ignorance of all members of society. It’s important to have an accurate understanding of the psychology, politics and history of global oppression as opposed to an anecdotal misunderstanding of racism and white privilege.

Continuously make conscious efforts to un-condition your mind and disregard certain thought patterns and behaviors.

Thanks for reading!


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