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Behind TheUrbanDilemma is a Caribbean-American 80’s baby born in Washington, DC; raised in Silver Spring, MD. My entire family is from Jamaica; my mother and father emigrated to the United States at ages 11 and 21 respectively. The rebellious West Indian Culture coupled with the non conformist Black American Culture played a tremendous role in the development of my conscience. See My Urban Dilemma & The Moment I Rejected #Religion.

The socio-economically diverse environment I was raised in contributed tremendously to my ethical and moral values. The circumstance allowed me to be extremely self-conscious from a young age, always aware of who I am, who others are and how we perceive each other. These realities naturally led me to the arts and humanities, allowing me to place myself in the proper context of history and understand the political landscape of today. See #Jamaican Mother, #Jewish Neighborhood.

Professional Life
I hold a bachelors degree in Liberal Studies (concentration African-American studies) as well as a Master’s of Public Administration. I currently work in accounting; absolutely nothing to do with what I have my degrees in. Working in this position has allowed me to realize what money really is; a medium of exchange for things we really want, need and desire. I chose to stop trying to be rich but be fulfilled and w(h)ealthy. That being said, I am finally deciding to follow my passion. See Fake #Money & The Real #World.

I’m J/K, But Seriously..
I am what you would call an introvert and my close friends would make a strong case about me having OCPD. I would have a hard time arguing against either! I love to “argue” though, it’s just my way of introducing folks into introspective, meaningful dialogue. First step; ruffle feathers. Second; clear ambiguity. See Stop #Ego Trippin’.

I am extremely iconoclastic; “traditions” disturb my #nirvana. I’ve expressed myself artistically for as long as I can remember, privately. I never had the courage to share for some reason or another, mostly because of my unconventional ways of thinking as opposed to my peers. I created this blog to express my intellectual property; but bare with me. It’s still and will always be a work in progress. See Kids: Follow Your Passion & The Radical Rant.

Being an artistically inclined introvert led me to explore photography. It gives me the very tool needed to be in the mix, but not “in” the mix. I can tell a story without saying a word. My fascination with broadcast journalism is how multifaceted it is; I can reach millions of people at once without having to attend all of these places, all while leaving documentation behind. I can be socially awkward and not be socially awkward! I’ve secretly diagnosed myself with AvPD. I’m just kidding… but seriously!!



I wish to influence and encourage the future generations by promoting the peculiarities of my overlapping cultures. There is a subtle difference between the Hip-Hop Culture (our lifestyle) vs. Hip-Hop Companies (their businesses) that most are unaware of. It’s ours; we should be in control of it, how it represents us and reap the benefits. The avenue I wish to explore include multimedia journalism. See The #Ghetto Is Man Made#Reagan, Len #Bias, The #Media & Hip-Hop & #Racism; We’re All Victims.

This blog is the manifestation of thoughts and expressions I wish to share and empower the Universe with; the blueprint for my vision. See #Labels, #Concepts & Purveyors of #Urban #Culture & Don’t Call Me a #Blogger fea. @SchoolBoyQ.


Thanks for reading!

Unless specified;  images, music and videos presented on TheUrbanDilemma are not owned by TheUrbanDilemma and are shared only in celebration of artists and their creativity.  If you would like any media removed for any reason, please submit your request to



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