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I can’t even afford a haircut and that shit drives me crazy. Its 2016 and i’m miserable. Why? Because i’m still not succumbing to my very own desires. I let my fears and insecurities scare me into difficult-to-exit situations. I let my addiction to escapism suffocate me to the point where I can’t afford a haircut and see an ugly person in the mirror. I’m not content and i’m not where I want to be. Not financially, physically or emotionally. And it’s all relative. I won’t live like this for life. I wonder what straw will be the last.

[written 5/30/16]
And this is just a reminder to myself. I wrote this 2 weeks ago and I can almost laugh at it now. It was a real, true and honest moment of being down and out. It may explain why i’ve been feeling SO anxious lately, in a good way. I’ve been super motivated and reclusive, reading and writing on a consistent basis. I’ve been busy making my vision of building a brand a reality. I’m trying to unplug from the dead end social media outlet and try different ways of applying my creative genius. So here’s your reminder Yeshi. You will have down days, but don’t give up!

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