A recurring sentiment concerning the complexity of universal interconnectedness simply states that … there is no such thing as coincidence. At least that’s what my memory recollects at the moment.

With me recently:

  • Completing Lies My Teacher Told Me (i’ve had the book since I was 12 years old)
  • Currently reading The New Jim Crow (Finally! I purchased this book before I purchased this domain name!)


  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump being the presidential candidate nominees and
  • Muhammad Ali passing, and the
  • Pulse nightclub mass shooting on Latin Gay/Pride night by an alleged “Islamic Radicalist

I’m not convinced any of this shit happening at the same time is just a coincidence.

Why not? Because the way our government maintains control of it’s un/informed populace is largely by manufacturing ignorance/consent through mainstream mass media manipulation. If I wasn’t reading these books at the time, it would be hard to make such a far fetched assumption. The assumption of both parties being two separate wings of the same bird. That ultimately both parties have the same destination, just a different set of directions.

That goal is perpetuating and perfecting the system of colorblind White Supremacy, an ideology belonging to a small group of imbeciles who make it so popular it continues to adapt and reign supreme over otherwise rational people til this day. The ideology stimulates fear of retaliation (and competition) against a well deserved group that powerless white people unfortunately belong to. White Supremacy also contributes to their ignorance by implementing a false sense of superiority and police protection, garnering  their support. This is why so many of our black, brown and poor white youth find themselves locked inside the jaws of our prison industrial complex.

  • Muhammad Ali is well known for being very black and very Muslim, which in turn made him a political figure. Ali made it clear his celebration of race and religion had nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with society and culture. But remember, the mass media manipulates both the consent and ignorance of the people. For this reason Muhammad was a polarizing figure and depending on your cultural and political affiliation, you either loved or hated him. His Muslim funeral was broadcast live for the entire world to see on Friday June 10, 20016. This shed a good, clean, positive light on Islam. Because it’s hard to say anything bad about Ali’s public image, he has been severely white washed for the sake of chiming down his unapologetically Black Muslim identity.
  • Donald Trump is well known for hurling insensitive and racist comments particularly against Muslim’s (they are all radical Islamic terrorists in his eyes) and Mexicans (they are all illegal in his eyes). His sentiment of “building a wall” to “keep them out” has garnered the support of ignoramuses. What will be interesting to see is, if Donald is in fact nominated and acts on his preconceived notions of racism, how his colorblind comrades will deal. That’s why he’s dismissed publicly. Not because his contemporaries don’t agree with him, but because he’s putting their true ulterior motives on front street. Trump is rallying the poor, ignorant and powerless whites intentionally. They don’t even know they’re being had! Just like a good number of ignorant, powerless black people will vote for Hillary! This is political science! It’s proven effective in American history over and over again!
  • Hillary Clinton is the wife of former President Bill Clinton who signed the infamous federal crime bill into law in 1994. She is known for popularizing the term “superpredator.” Their attitude influencing these actions is what led to the explosion of mass incarceration. President Clinton influenced tougher sentencing including mandatory minimum and “three strikes” laws alongside major prison renovation and development. The crime bill is the cornerstone of what’s wrong with our criminal injustice system and was fully supported by Hillary Rotten Clinton. This bill is responsible for the police and prosecutor having insurmountable discretion on how and whom to apply the law. When comparing husband and wife’s feelings toward social issues today, it’s obvious how all the things Bill got wrong politically, Hillary magically disagrees with today.

Is what happened with black and brown folks and The War on Drugs happening with Middle Eastern folks and The War on Terror? Is this why people of color involved in a mass shooting is automatically linked to Radical Islam? Why aren’t white people who conduct mass shootings labeled “terrorist?” Why are we taught that White Radicalism is a thing of the past? All so we’ll be reluctant in our fight against The War on Terror? Like Ali was against The Vietnam War? Are Trump and Clinton playing good cop, bad cop? You damn right they are.

If you have a decent grasp on accurate world history, it’s absolutely no coincidence we’re at this current crux in American politics and race relations. I’m anxious to see what America will be like in the next four to eight years. Hold on tight yall!


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