I didn’t become familiar with this term until after creating Th.Ur.Di. I’ve heard of it, but never gave it any thought. I follow NPR’s code switch twitter account, though I never heard the program or interacted with it’s handle.

When I transferred to the predominately Black District of Columbia Public School system, I got made fun of for “talking white.” My closest friend would always mock me because I said “oh my god” all the time (lol). What’s funny though, is this same friend has the T.I. syndrome where she goes out of her way to use “big words” and takes pride in “sounding smart.” Shit, i’m not mad. Fake it til you make it … I did.  I would purposely “urbanize” certain words and phrases to where now I don’t know how I sound to D.C. folks or MoCo folks. I don’t really care either. All I ever want to be is my authentic self.

But I honestly can say I code switch. I code switch like a motherfucker because of My Urban Dilemma. I code switch back and forth to the point where, I literally “talk ghetto” and “talk white” all in the same breath. To me, it’s like syncretism. It’s about the amalgamation of  two cultures that I absolutely exist in, simultaneously.

I’m still hesitant to say nigga around white people sometimes, mostly in the work setting. Otherwise though, it flies… freely. I call white people nigga all the time. Try it, it drives them crazy LOL!

That’s all. Keeping this one short and sweet.


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