Kylous, Minx Lea, Moi, Hologram Don

So I have this talented ass cousin right. This nigga plays every instrument, he’s tall, he plays ball, he got “good hair”… all that shit.  I’ll make it easy for you ladies to stalk his IG. When my father told me he rapped a few years ago (about 5), I was like “lol.. ok Dad.” Because you know first of all, he’s my “little” cousin, then that’s when wack ass rap was ubiquitous. This was right before the new wave (Drake, Cole, Kendrick, Wale, Beast Coast) swam through. I must say, when I heard a few of his songs I was impressed, honestly.

@Kylous (formerly known as Kage Eheh) is a signer, rapper, producer, musical genius, visionary, etc.. One of those guys. He does 99% of his own shit, from mastering tracks to editing videos. He’s even been kind enough to let me help shoot and feature in a few.

I never felt quite right reviewing his music because I know i’m biased. All of it is dope to me, but I must admit it’s a unique sound. Remember, this bamma plays every instrument so he’s like… not a nerd but you know… not out here fronting, perpetrating an image either. If he’s not working, at the gym or walking his pit-bull… He’s in his studio. And this ain’t a little rinky-dink setup. It’s the real deal. Did I mention he was funny too?

His music is a mix of alternative hip-hop, reggae and soul. It’s for people like us, introverts and students of hip-hop. He raps from the depths of his mind and heart. His productions are sonically astounding, no sice. He’s mean on the strings! He does scores and compositions and shit these other closet-booth producers don’t. Check out his YouTube page.

He’s smart as shit too. He knows the business side of the game very well. I’ve indirectly learned so much from him about being an independent artist. More than he probably even knows, no bullshit. The site I bought this domain name from was because of him, I learned about it from reading his blog. I see he stopped putting y’all on to game though, and started applying his creative genius to his own brand. He was going the producer route but has reconnected with his artistic root. I commend that and I want to be sure I help his goals be accomplished.

I feel like he (we) suffers from what I call the “genius-complex.” It’s when you know you’re talented, you know you can show and prove but because opportunities aren’t necessarily knocking, you try and do every-single-got-damn-thing independently and burn yourself out. You get frustrated with not being able to materialize your ideas, visions and dreams. Being humble and patient is a huge gift & curse.


Kylous has 100’s of songs and has put together a number of complete projects, the most recent Resuscitation. This is a 16 track cohesive album with each song relating to another. Hear it here on Spotify!


Kylous’ latest video Millionaire Problems was produced and directed by him, shot by his little brother Hologram Don.

Get familiar with Kylous because he will be back on Th.Ur.Di. Blog soon come! Stay tuned for the brand new EP dropping 6/20 entitled Songs For Girls. It’s right on time for the upcoming Summer 16! Here’s the single Power, available for download on SoundCloud.


Be sure to subscribe to Kylous’ YouTube page for the latest tings a gwaan.



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