Ok so… I don’t particularly have issues expressing my disdain for certain demographics of white culture. (Let me be frank here, racist white people.) I can explain and direct my logical and emotional conclusions to the source.

These racist white people I speak of can’t do the same. Why not? Because it will ALWAYS route back to the same source. THEIR ignorant ass racism.

I’m deliberate with whom I communicate this subject because emotions fly at an all time high when speaking about my actual Black life as if it’s a fucking anecdotal story.

Racist white people don’t realize that what they deny so vehemently, that they have nothing to do with the racism of their ancestors, contradicts the foundation of their white position right here in America today on Sunday March 13th, 2016.

Let’s clear the ambiguity. I’m not asking us to like each other or to “fix” this shit, racist white folks. That’s important for you to understand. I’m asking for blatant honesty and ugly truths.

The Big Ass Mother Fucking Racist Elephant In Middle of the Got Damn Room is just that. We don’t have to get along, just out of each other’s way. And historically speaking, you have to make the first move! But I don’t think you want to.This is why The Donald is flourishing. His blatant honesty & ugly truths.


Imagine a radical Pro-Black candidate. Who spoke about the criminal injustice enterprise that Black Life has become the poster child for. Who exposes the systematic mass incarceration epidemic. The evil roots of capitalism. WE NEED THAT. Even to just push the envelope. To expose some alternative perspectives. To kick Overton’s Window out the fucking frame. So don’t knock Donald. Knock whoever is pandering our vote.


My Whole Point:
What you see when these racist white people support Trump is their subconscious mind needing, wanting and yearning for that very racism they deny to exist and thrive! To maintain their unearned positions! The World is Flat! Racist white people don’t want to compete because a lot of the time… they can’t! They have relied on their positions as white people solely and being white is becoming unpopular, even on a biological scale.

Marginalized people have been mastering the art of resilience since day one, not denial.We are patiently waiting, practicing and preparing for the day we have an actual dog in the fight… where my dogs at?!

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