c/o @Raheem_Devaughn’s Twitter

Th.Ur.Di. explores current events from the Contemporary Black Young Culture’s perspective.

Let’s face it, black culture is under attack. It’s up to us to reverse the divide and conquer among us. We must put our differences aside and holistically repair and recapture our true essence. This must be done while not compromising what makes us, us. We yearn to create a cultivating, just environment allowing us to develop into full humans with healthy emotions and expressions. These expressions encompass a large spectrum of lifestyles. “Uncommon Sense,” “Ratchet Righteousness,” “Black Twitter,” “Black Lives Matter” and the like were ubiquitous terms in 2015; Th.Ur.Di. is here to capture the underlying spirit.

We are all products of our varying environments, connecting through the 5 elements of Hip-Hop and Criminal Injustice. Our art exhibits an unspoken bravado and comfort zone where we fully express our plight, artistic abilities and complex lifestyles. This is all accomplished while navigating through a modern-day colony. Hip-Hop is one of the few conceivable economies where we have opportunities to  create and control, but we have to take back ownership! Even if it means war!

The Th.Ur.Di. spirit contains the contribution of martyrs as well as the ink of scholars; this is our battlefield.
Th.Ur.Di. delivers contemporary perspective from the Crossroads of Urban/Black Culture. Discussions are placed within their proper historical context for accurate analysis. Also featured on Th.Ur.Di. will be responsible critiques of Hip-Hop and other genres of Black Art. Artists will be held accountable for their creations, products and services offered for consumption. Projects will receive thorough and honest review of content.

Why does Th.Ur.Di.’s opinion matter? Because the contributors are actual stakeholders of the culture. Its up to us coming of age in Hip-Hop to repair the commercial damage and move it forward.

Crossroads: Sexuality, Demographic, Nationality, Education Level, Single Parents, Married Couples, Religion, Spirituality, etc…

Lets connect with actual artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, producers, bloggers, activist, etc… To provide expressions from the entire spectrum of Contemporary Black Culture. I want to capture this spirit locally, nationally and internationally. I want to capture this from the middle class, the elite and most definitely those residing in the inner-city.

I’m going to need your help, this is the foundation. Let’s build upon it.

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