My name is my name motherfucker. It means whatever I say.

Anybody who follows me on social media, even a little bit, knows I change my name quite frequently. I was more concerned with building social media presence in lieu of actually creating content. It was holding up the process; I was worried about how my name would be perceived by different people. By my peers, professionals, strangers, etc. I even have separate accounts for @TheUrbanDilemma, which makes sense now. It’s become my brand and i’m sticking to it. But what to call myself?

I love my name, my name is dope as fuck. It’s 11 letters long, Amharic and translates to “Beautiful Princess of Thousands.” I am named after the Mother of Haile Selassie I. If you want to know what it is, ask me on twitter 🙂 @iNDiGAWDZiLLA.

As evidenced by “My Urban Dilemma” I feel like I have (an) alter ego(s). For that reason, just like your favorite rapper, I have endless AKAs now. It’s something about iNDiGAWDZiLLA that I really like though. I feel like writing about it will help me set it in stone, and not change it.

The Evolution


Image result for yoshi tongue

My first name (the shortened version) is very close to the Super Mario Bros. character, Yoshi, and of course I was teased about it as a kid. Honestly, it never bothered me. Mario was popular and I just thought people were lame. As I grow old(er), I grow a fascination with Japanese culture. I want to go, I feel like it’ll be like stepping inside of a video game. The pure genius of Japanese people intrigues me so much. Their technology and ancient historical presence excites the nerd in me.

So anyway, just as sweet little me grew up, sweet little Yoshi has grown the fuck up as well. After trials and tribulations, Yoshi is more like Godzilla these days in the public eye (allegedly). Yoshi/I want to shake shit up. I adopted the moniker Indigo Marley, paying homage to being an introverted indigo child, and my Rastafarian background. I felt like the Marley was unoriginal and cliche, so I was always looking to upgrade that.

So then came Indigodzilla, which can also translate to “indi god iz illa” because s/he is. Indi being me, short for Indigo, which also means “I&I” – Jah Know. But I didn’t like how it looked. I’m big on creative space, design and aesthetic. So I gave birth to IndiGawdzilla. Which led me to utter “A Tribe Gawdzilla” which sounds like A Tribe CALLED Zilla .. look. Just understand this is how my mind works and be happy it belongs to me and not you. I’m leaving A Tribe Gawdzilla alone, maybe i’ll use it for something later. But for now I let it go – it’s significant though because i’ve been heavily influenced by Tribe’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad. I stylize it as iNDiGAWDZiLLA, borrowing from Dr. Jared Ball’s iMiXWHATiLiKE styled text.

I think that’s it. That enough if anything.



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