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Now I admit this may be biased. Not only because I’m from the #DMV but because I’ve always been a fan of @Wale from the beginning. I’m talking about Dig Dug. Got’em!

What sealed the deal though was Wale’s song “Lucky Me” off of his Hate Is The New Love Mixtape. This tape dropped while I was dipping my toe in the pool of deep thought & planning my escape from the matrix. I realized we had a lot in common from having immigrant parents to residing on Peabody Street in Washington, DC. I also felt a personal connection due to him residing in Montgomery County for similar reasons; because our parents felt that was best for our education and development of cultural consciousness.

But being even a little hood or a little foreign and growing up in Montgomery County will place you under 100 different microscopes to be examined by 100 different people who are nothing like you.

Now I’m saying all of this to ask, what does @MeekMill mean @Wale isn’t MMG? Because he isn’t fabricating his street life? Because he doesn’t glorify the things that would make his mother shout? Because he feels more valuable as an advocate for our black women as opposed to pimping them? Because he writes poetry?

I can honestly say that I have not listened to any of @MeekMill’s full projects. I’m not necessarily interested; I’ve heard it all before I am sure. No new perspectives or intelligence to learn from.

I am 100 percent sure that @MeekMill’s fan base looks nothing like @Wale‘s fan base at the core.

That’s all.

Thanks for reading!

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