I was invited, on behalf of @TinyTastries (www.tinytastriesllc.com), to vend at #TheNewRetroPreProject. So, I had 2 epiphanies while spectating last night. First… white boys who rap… usually can word to @BrainRapp! And second, I realized I need to go on a Hip-Hop fast. Like, not listen to any Hip-Hop for a few weeks, just to become acclimated with new, alternative music.

Tiny Tastries BLACK

I must tip my hat to all the performers, particularly the newer artists. I want to especially shout out @IamLX who performed first and got the party started! It takes a very courageous person to stand on stage and share their art, allowing strangers to critique it with hopes of impressing them. I enjoyed how who appeared to be random people from the crowd ended up on stage performing… that was dope!

Big #salute to @ModernPantheist, man was I impressed!! They are a self-proclaimed psych-rock-pop band (can we say trippy?) out of Los Angeles, CA. I affectionately dubbed them the White Bush Zombies which is a HUGE compliment if you know how much I love and adore the psych-hip-hop trio the The @FlatbushZombies out of Brooklyn, NY!

I was also impressed by @TooFlyy41’s confidence and his compelling song about being a teenage cancer survivor. He came down off the stage and back into the crowd to perform his whole set; that made him appear more personally involved with his craft. It was kind of symbolic (being that he’s from VA) that he’s “not afraid to stand out in a crowd.” (VA gets thrown shade for some reason, I can relate being from Moco .. but I digress)!

Big #shoutout to @TheCawlCrusade .. the youngin’ definitely had the whole venue rocking! During his Black Panthers act, what seemed to be the entire 1st, 2nd and 3rd row hopped on stage to turn up. Biggups to @PinkyKillaCorn and @RobbieCeleste (he thinks he spelled that right!) who came out and #KeptItFunky as @NewRetroGeneral would say. @NatureboiTHEPRO kept the crowd’s attention in between sets with arbitrary, on-the-spot jokes. Kudos to him for that!

Last but not least was the Linkin Park/Jay-Z styled Collision Course where @NewRetro covered and performed live music from @DugeeLFE,  @RobRegal301 (fka Lyriciss) as well as other aforementioned artists.

Check Out The Th.Ur.Di. Review of:

@NewRetroGeneral‘s General Public Radio here

@RobRegal301‘s The Balance here

@DugeeLFE‘s Moet and Mad Dog here.

This was certainly the highlight of my evening and the exact representation of what the DMV music scene, in my opinion, should look like. Unified yet diverse genres covering all alternative cultures where everyone feels welcomed to jam out together. Peacefully.


Thanks for reading!

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