These are just little notes and blurbs strung together. Bare with it. And i’m talking about the extreme black supremacist folks. I’ll probably (not) elaborate on my position further, later. But whatever, anyways:

In my opinion, the PBC is an ego trap. The “leaders” validate themselves by degrading other people of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, alternative lifestyles and so on. They are capitalist in their own right, attempting to capitalize off of the ancient past and ignorant future. Human societies must evolve in order to survive. Evolving DOES NOT mean assimilating. Nobody, and certainly not black people, OWN the planet. But let them tell it …

I feel like their target audience is people in search of an identity, or new paradigm.  Like those leaving the church. Those folks are influenced to replace the religious paradigm with an Afrocentric one, which isn’t necessarily beneficial or relevant to them, personally. The “good life” is subjective .. there’s no uniform right way to live.

We are Africans in America; ok fine. But then let’s grapple with the scientific evidence that ALL HUMAN FORMS originated in Africa. Lose the “black” thing. Be a universal human seeking justice for all. And mean it.

I’d bet a  number of these so called black leaders come straight from the gutter and or broken homes. No disrespect, but it’s evident that shame and guilt has shaped them into angry people who want to “do onto others what has been done to them.” They are cult leaders wanting you to subscribe to THEIR notion of reality and progress.

And then they have the nerve and audacity to bash the LGBTQ community.

Who holds the authority on disgust? On human sexuality? Sexual orientation and preferences. Huh? Prototypes are subjective. Fuck your opinion of what a “black man” or “black woman” is “supposed” to look like, walk like, talk like, dress like, have sex with. SAYS WHO?!

It’s bullshit. They are hustling. Hustling hate, hustling anger, hustling negativity. They aren’t healing anybody but themselves and their pockets. What each and everyone of us individuals do, make up the human race. Besides committing genocide and harming others, what’s right and what’s wrong?

If you listen close enough, you’ll hear them contradict themselves severely when it comes to male-female relationships (particularly the male leaders).  Just be mindful of their got damn books, “services” and pipe dreams up for sale.  Just check it all out after reading this.

If they aren’t organizing a Pan-African Body Politic inclusive of ALL Black/African/Indigenous peoples, exactly what are they doing? 

I was obviously mad as hell when I was writing these notes down, because the rest don’t even make sense.. lol. I call that experiencing an extreme emotion .. I’m learning to control those! I read this book recently and it speaks volumes to my position.


This video .. Just let me know if he makes sense to you, from beginning through end. Mind you, I found this particular “leader” and video after my initial posting of this perspective.

Thanks for reading!


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