U Mad? Or Nah?

The artists who are on, instead of hating, endure all the adversity to make something for themselves. That’s why so much attention is given to their haters. Why? Because it’s totally irrational and illogical to hate when you can make an attempt to be who you want to be. We are humans, so when hated on we react. Ignoring shit never makes it go away. It can even make it worse. Hence racism.

I like music with not a whole bunch of name and label dropping. I like “project window” music.. what do you see out of yours? Don’t imitate what I say I see out of mine.

When there is nothing going on inside, it’s evident. We are only capable of talking about the outside and reacting to triggers. Material things and maintaining that “bad ass” attitude is what we are all about huh?

Marginalized people exist, regardless of how you feel about them, and out of that comes hip-hop music.

Desiderata states “even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.” And it’s a part of our collective human history.

Historically, critics blamed the West Coast for “killing hip-hop” by introducing Gangsta Rap. However, the accountability is misplaced. The purveyors are to blame, including the heads of major labels and radio stations, board members of the FCC, the media outlets and so on.

Hip-Hop is a multi-billion dollar industry that capitalist use to sell anything from dental services to high end fashion. Don’t get caught up in “hating” on anybody .. find your happiness!

Thanks for reading!

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