Real Quick.

First thing I want to say is, word to @KanyeWest, #NewSlaves require #NewMasters. So with that being said, I don’t see what all the fuss is for. Why is it so hard to believe that an owner of a NBA team is a bigot?! Why?!

Are we still confused as to how capitalism operates? Apparently. This has inspired me to research the National Basketball Association, more specifically how it’s a private league ran and operated by, mostly, old white (Jewish) men. Much like most institutions of influence in the European version of America.

My recent trip to Colorado made it very clear how Europeans intentionally slaughtered the Indigenous population of this country to make it their own. So again, why are we shocked?

The chick, is dead ass wrong. I commend her, and am elated that this happened. But bitch, you knew from the jump he was a racist prick and you only care about advancing your personal agenda. Which is to fuck and make appearances for money. Now, I don’t knock her hustle whatsoever. By all means boo, do you. However, don’t wait until your gravy train is coming to a screeching halt to get brand new. Even if your train wasn’t ending, don’t play both sides. Be loyal to SOMEBODY. Shit.

CC: Racism; We Are All Victims, What Rappers Can Learn About Donald Sterling 

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