Moet and Mad Dog exemplifies the nitty-gritty double consciousness of inner-city living. While it’s not the most glamorous lifestyle and appears chaotic to onlookers, those involved experience a bitter-sweet existence. Dugee invites you into his world. Sometimes it’s Moet, sometimes it’s Mad Dog. They both get him through the good times as well as the struggle, just in a very different way.

This mixtape does not include a lot of unnecessary sicing or luxury name dropping; it’s authentic and honest music. The only real designer references are relevant to drugs … excuse me … mind altering medicine! Moet and Mad Dog does include a lot of local lingo and epithets that will leave those from outside of the DMV confused. For example, “..let me keep it PG, got this bait, you know I’m going fishing.”

“Enough with this talk, time for some action,
Let’s go on a trip, no need for packing”
Designer Medicine

Wholetime though, Dugee has his very own language that will have us all deciphering together (bongski, wowski and so on).

This mixtape consists of 12 tracks about sex, drugs and aggression; aggression towards fraudulent behavior, particularly those diminishing DMV/Trap culture by perpetrating and only supporting celebrity rappers from other regions. These dudes fall for the false imagery in mainstream pop culture and hate on people who actually pay their dues.

If you want the finer things in life, including economic freedom and fly ass women, competition is inevitable. Naturally then, this is explored throughout hip-hop. Anybody can rap, just like anybody can dribble a basketball. However, you have to put in the effort and dedication; a minimum of 10,000 hours of remaining focused and building with like minds instead of succumbing to self-destruction. Even natural talents have to be practiced and polished.

Because Dugee put the time in, he can drink White Star by the Caseload. He stopped balling on a budget to stunt on his payroll!

Dugee came out swinging “fuck you new rap niggas!” Then proceeded to inform them that they’re weak, their co-signers are just dick-riding coat tails and he will bury them and their crew… lyrically. He addresses them throughout the tape, particularly on John Riggo, Look Up, Emergency and Bangerz.

“Let me keep it humble,
Man my enemies they mumble,
Got a whole lot of doubters,
But they got some bigger struggles”
John Riggo

I wouldn’t consider Dugee a mad rapper, but like most artists who put their blood, sweat and tears into their craft, I believe he is frustrated with the new kids on the block who don’t put in the work to build a real career. He’s fed up with these YouTube and Soundcloud rappers, the ones who do it simply for fame and for views, the ones who could never rock a show. You know, the “link in bio” ass niggas who don’t respect the game and therefore don’t respect him. He doesn’t want to be confused as one of them. “Niggas say we nuts, I prefer the term cashews (classy).”

“Bitch nigga prove me wrong, thought so
You can’t do me harm,
Them dookie songs don’t move me nah,
Grown man write choruses for the mortgages,
Take over corporate, Smoke out the office,
While yall out on a limb like some ornaments,
On the corner? Shit.
We in the market bout to corner it, i’m sure of it.”

When it comes to hood industries, everybody is hustling. The result is collateral damage and by-products including: pimps, hoes, prostitutes, gangsters, drug dealers, entertainers, junkies etc. Dugee speaks on this demographic. He also addresses the women who aren’t interested in making their own careers and building with their partners, the ones just looking for a come up get no respect either. These themes are explored on tracks like Love Shack, Dreamin, Migo Hit My Boost, Yeah U Luv It and Da Echoes.

Overall, Dugee makes music for him and his core fan base, not to please pop culture fans or mainstream labels. Dugee F. Buller has proved he isn’t interested in quick fame. I appreciate this more than anything. Dugee is a very unique and charismatic INTELLECTUAL individual; this bleeds through his art. Dugee is the same person on the phone, in person, in the classroom, on twitter, on mixtapes and so on. LFE Baaaaabyyy.

Thanks for reading!

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