This is straight from the heart chakra. Not rehearsed or pre-meditated or anything.

I heard Bill O’Reilly’s remarks concerning Beyonce’s song Partition where she eludes to performing oral sex on her husband in the back seat of a limousine.

Bill O’Reilly, girl please. In this scenario, Beyonce is a celebrity and that’s all that she is. She isn’t a: social engineer, community activist, career role model, staunch feminist, political actor, etc. None of the above. She is a woman who happens to be famous because of her natural and nurtured talents. If you would simply place the responsibility where it belongs, on the music industry’s program directors and heads of marketing who shove this music down the throats of our kids, maybe you would make more sense. But that would be a conflict of interest, wouldn’t it?

How someone uses information, music, education .. is separate from the purpose of the information, music, education. Almost always. I grew up listening to Lil’ Kim – Hardcore Album to be precise. I had no idea what she was even rapping about back then. When I hear the lyrics now I’m a little shocked. But because I was raised by attentive parents, parents who took my Lil’ Kim CD away (I went and got another), I didn’t look up to Kim as a Role Model but more so as a Character Role expressing a “hardcore” attitude. It would take years before I would make the “hardcorde” and “porn” link.

I also grew up listening to Beyonce, and like her music .. I’ve matured over the times. I am more comfortable now expressing and exploring sex in general. I’m old enough to make a rational decision on whether or not to suck a dick in the back of a limo. Maybe not so much as a teenager, but I guarantee you I didn’t. The root issues concerning poor sexual behavior does not reside in any one’s music. Music can only express a particular sentiment.

I hope this made sense because I don’t feel like feeding this troll with too much of my energy. I hope those who need to get this message, gets it however. Bill O’Reilly’s position is to keep his constituents ignorant while mine is to expand your paradigm.


Thanks for reading!

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