The music reviews on my blog are unique in that I am listening, analyzing and critiquing using the Th.Ur.Di. (3rd Eye) lens.

This lens detects, in my humble opinion of course, how introspective the artist is. It determines whether or not they simply imitate the mainstream “popular” image of the moment and if they reprimand it at all.

The mainstream image is almost always a caricature of our culture, made ubiquitous by the purveyors of that culture.

This is not in any way to denounce trap music. I enjoy all quality music, the real shit. To me, hip-hop and music in general is about having your own space to express exactly who you are, why and what makes you unique.

It’s about our relationships with the institutions and society at large.

Whether it be about a middle class upbringing or the survival tales through poverty;  all stories have stories encoded within them that we relate to. It’s what makes music Universal. Be the voice for the voiceless, those who don’t have the platform or are unable to articulate their plight.

These reviews are my interpretation of responsible hip-hop journalism. They are what I would search for if looking for new indie artists and music to consume. Not necessarily what’s hot in the streets. It’s a passion where my skills and interests intersect. It’s my personal contribution to the art of hip-hop.

My entire blog is in the spirit of the Black Arts Movements / Black American Music.

Thanks for the support!

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