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And then there were 3: Relay, Mic Anthony & D-Major.

I haven’t been to Delaware in probably a decade. The only reason I’ve ever been to the state was to visit their (very nice I should mention) beaches. If I never wanted to go back to Delaware, I do now. Why? To drink beer and kick it with the Cypher Clique! Just listen to The Suare. While Delaware isn’t necessarily synonymous with hip-hop, they too have their story and are telling it before anyone misrepresents it.

“Sober in Dover is like a Christian in Hell, I feel I owe it to the fans, they don’t listen I fail”

– Talk

The City does a great job of exemplifying indie hip-hop with its thought provoking, witty lyricism and non-conformist themed tracks. Like D-Major says in Kill Hip Hop, “packing Madison Square is the only way I’ll sell out.” This mixtape has a throwback, retro feel to it with a lot of old school influenced tracks. Songs like Like ThisI Feel Right and Engine 9 among others confirm that this trio consists of three talented lyrical emcees who can actually rap. The influence of Jazz is prevalent also.

These guys aren’t perpetrating the “thug life,” remember, it’s The Suare! It’s all about kicking it with the baddest chicks and having a good time. The clique’s attitude toward women is more blatant honesty than blatant disrespect. “White girl, black girl, mixed girl, thick girl, an asshole but I got good dick girl.” Straight up, no hard feelings ladies. These fellas are on the rise, buzzing with shows every week in another town.

“Ain’t looking for no Beyoncé, just rolling up that bombay, with my main and my side chick, we lookin’ like an entrée”

Straight Up

These guys do have a soft side, however, which can be heard in tracks like “Next Boo,” “She Said,” and “Shiny & New”. While hip-hop may not be the nicest place for women, it is very candid about treating us according to how we carry ourselves and what we allow. “I’m just doing me, that’ s why these pretty girls pursuing me, a couple of them got class, a couple on the truancy.”

“Damn you got me twisted, everything is so exquisite, girl you wanna be my mistress? She said nah you gotta wife this, spend your days and nights with, but if you make me sprint I might as well just be your sidekick… I told her ‘you could be my Bonnie, my Samantha, I’m your Ronnie, baby girl just put it on me’”

– She Said

Because this is The Urban Dilemma Blog, I use reviews to explore The Urban Dilemma Concept, particularly how hip-hop music influences our generation to either fall victim to or evade the cracks of society. It’s whether or not we use our platform to push the culture forward or be manipulated to perpetuate the negative aspects.

The intro opens with TV commercials representing pop culture distractions. At one point, it says “if you took away all the flash, what would you have left?” and I believe this album is an example of good ole hip-hop minus the flash and fluff. These guys are just being themselves, reaping the benefits of their hard work and dedication.

This trio was inspired and motivated by the underground spirit of hip-hop. “Spittin’ in the shower yo I rhyme so fresh, inspired by the Lox and A Tribe Called Quest.” This mindset allowed them to craft their skill and learn from the pitfalls of succumbing to mainstream culture.

The second track Kill Hip Hop is like a journal entry of a frustrated artist who may be upset with trying to please everybody. The fans, the labels, the critics, hashtag the #haters! It’s like everybody is conditioned to mainstream rap music. Mic Anthony says that ever since he’s done a show with A$AP Rocky, all of his clothes have been sponsored since. While we are bombarded with advertisement and made to believe we must keep up with trends to be cool, they are simply threads that are given away once you reach a certain level of success. The clothing labels need us more than we need them. Grind it out and create your own cool!


“Graduation was my mom’s big infatuation, I had to buckle down, no more procrastination. May came around, now ya boy certified, in the stands I heard her cry, never have to serve them pies”


But I still got a decent knowledge of self, and I’ll be looking in the mirror if I’m asking for help. Shout out to Kanye and Andre for the motivation…”

(Mic Anthony)

 “Studied the game, paid attention to the vets, but we’re gonna do it our way that’s different from the next, no slipping on these checks, nah they can’t do that, creatively controlling the music, I thought you knew that”


 – I Feel Right

Be on the look out for “The Bush Administration”

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