I am very introspective. I don’t solely use other people’s labels and paradigms to understand things. I make them up myself also. I think it’s a process all thinkers go through as related to The Urban Dilemma theory.

It’s like, we are constantly trying to exert what we ARE and AREN’T when that’s not our job. We are supposed to just be. In my humbled opinion; labels, concepts, etc… are for people to describe, understand and market things and other people; not to describe and understand themselves. The term World War 2 wasn’t coined until the war was underway.

It’s kind of like what Nipsey Hussle said in the breakfast club interview. The concept of “Los Angeles Gang and Rap Culture” wasn’t coined by those who demonstrated that culture; they just simply went outside and were themselves. It was Hollywood and the purveyors of that culture who set up the cameras and labeled this “Los Angeles Gang Culture”.

I think we do ourselves a disservice by trying to fit into labels and concepts. Everybody’s perceptions of reality are shaped differently.

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