I May be a Little Prejudice…

But I wouldn’t consider myself “racist.” I mean, I could be wrong depending on your rubric and personal beliefs. I know the white people who I encounter on a daily basis and send me friend requests on Facebook are a little taken aback by my approach to candidly speaking about race(ism). GOOD! The fuck is the point otherwise?

My niggas know what’s going on. I’m your nigga so i’m gonna let you know whatta gwaan, seen?! Can you tell i’m learning from my Brown comedian friends (hi Hari) to not slow and dumb things down for those outside of the culture?

So anyways, I found something I wrote in my drafts in google. Where I stumbled across some old conversations i’ve had with my significant other and.. OK, let me not digress. So I found this thing titled “unpopular opinion alert” and it’s actually something I think my white counterparts may be completely surprised by. Because, you know, i’m racist in their eyes lol. And all black people want is payback and to retaliate for what Lily and them did back in the day. Uuuh, a lot of us have coped with that and actually just want to exist on our own terms.

Be advised that I love and hate all things equally. White, black, male, female, gay, trans, on the fence – I fucking love to hate all of you who fall under the label “ignorant and/or insensitive.” I know, I know… “but you’re so insensitive.” Deal with it. I have a chip on my shoulder from being such a naive youngin’ and i’ve just accepted that.

*Unpopular Opinion Alert*

I usually take these kind of posts to the blog. I’ve actually written about it before. I don’t want anybody to take what i’m saying personal. But when inspired, I write using “The Freestyle Approach” (also written about on my blog).

I wonder how these egregiously Pro Black folk really think they will ever make America/Africa theirs. How rude. And that they are the sole original contributors to the planet. I wonder if they believe in their feeble minds that once they “defeat whitey” (whatever that even means lol) that things will just “fall in line.” The balance of the Universe will restore. Shitting me.

All I had to do to un-Hotep and humble myself was study the Indigenous People of the land. Google Pine Ridge Reservations. They “defeated” whitey with treaties right? (That’s me being sarcastic). And look what happened.

Image result for pine ridge

Just saying. I read Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond. Not saying I know every got damn thing from reading a book (i’ve read 100s btw) But what i’m asking is – have you done your googles? And beyond that – Have you been to the bookstore lately? People who take the time to be intelligent write books and peer reviewed journal entries. Read some of those alongside the conspiracy theories!

The Information Age has got ignorant folks entering territories they have no business in. Hey – maybe i’m one of them? And don’t get me wrong “the dull and ignorant have their stories too” – but this isn’t the dull and ignorant hour.

OH! Shoutout to the like, 5 white people who haven’t unfriended me. Yall know my heart.


Lucky for you That’s what I Like.


Journalism makes you happy. As well as being a bit mysterious. You’ve mastered the art of being mischievous. Never have you ever had an issue in that department. You enjoy going against the grain for good reason. Like challenging the status quo. Like challenging those around you to think differently, and deeper. You enjoy introducing new information, ideas and concepts to people. Sometimes, that alone is enough to satisfy your desire to Matlab Goose. Which means taking materials and labor and transforming them to goods and services. Not sure that follows but, it makes sense to me. I mean you.

You’ve always felt like you’d be an inventor. An innovator to be exact. You still feel you’ll write (and publish) a book one day. Whatever you do, you need to work with your hands and a microphone. You should probably abandon your fear of not consuming every aspect of whatever you’re into at the moment. It’s humanly impossible! Stop feeling like you have to cover all bases. Or be ahead of the curve. That’s why you must join or build a strong team. But you have fears concerning that. You have a fear of your “imposter syndrome” being exposed. This is why you’ve decided to tell and live your truth. Particularly embracing that you’ve lived a different life than most people who look like you. But be reminded, there are people who look like you and people who look like people who look like you that live a totally different life as well. Be humble.

You are an empath and very sensitive to the things around you. You know you need to cut people off and curate, let me just say it, your social media. You don’t have to feel like you’re abandoning folks. You don’t want to miss out on what “they” have going on. But “they” aren’t on what you’re on. At all. They are living their lives according to them. You do the same. Let them find their (own) way (out of your life). If it’s really that much of a distraction, mute them motherfuckers. If you realize you miss them, undo it.

Try and hone down on where your insecurity lies. Once you get a good grip on that, you can fix it and then what? You have no excuses. “Life is what you make it” and “opportunity comes to those who create it” (thanks Uncle Charla). Even though you aren’t religious, you still have certain faith about your destiny. You honestly believe you can achieve your dreams, but you also, simultaneously, with the same energy, believe regardless of how hard you try you will still fail. Best thing you can do is be honest with yourself and those around you, regardless of the possible outcome and destruction. Destroy & Rebuild. Over and over again. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

And like in the book the Alchemist, it’s all about the journey. Be in love with the journey. Ok ok ok, enough about you. Let’s end this here.

Indecisive as Fuck

Image result for sigh

I am extremely indecisive. I cringe at the thought of commitment. It’s really dumb. I’m a certified fickle-OCD hybrid. I obsess over things like a motherfucker then i’m like – next! Never to look back again.

That’s one main reason this blog is special to me. Because 4 years later, i’m still passionate about it! I can ignore and forget about it when I want but it’s always here. It’s a reminder of how much I live in my head and am my own worst enemy. That if I would just shut the fuck up and actually do something, i’ll impress myself.

I am doing the best I can to acknowledge my ego and check it when necessary. But I am extremely sure, extremely secure and it feels GREAT.  I’ve never lived my life so intentionally and on purpose. So I said all of that to say this:

When choosing my college major, I realized entrepreneurship was the only option. Well, my soul knew. My mind, per usual, had it’s own trial & error laden agenda. Tis life, right? Live and learn, don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. That includes your freedom, individuality, good credit and time.

However, I digress. Again.

So, when choosing this major – I couldn’t. I had a mental list with 14,732 bullet points on each side of why I should and shouldn’t commit to this or that major. When I applied, I got accepted into the Social Work program. Why? Because I wanted to work with juvenile delinquents. So I thought. Deep down inside my heart of hearts, I wanted to be a radio personality or news reporter. I really wish I would have pursued communications. I would have an excellent career in media. There’s still time. But back to the story.

I ended up changing my major to marketing. Why? Because I wanted to make money. I had no fucking clue what marketing was. Nothing. In hindsight – this would have been a great career path. I didn’t have the confidence and skill though, and when I saw calculus on my curriculum I knew right away to change that shit up if I wanted to actually graduate. I did take a business class that I may not have otherwise and learned a very pertinent lesson (P.L.O.C.) that has molded me into the manager I am today.

I changed my major to Political Science… well let me back track. I couldn’t change my major right away but I started taking classes geared towards Political Science. I can’t remember how, when, or where – but I entertained the idea of pursuing Public Relations. My coursework was so entrenched in other disciplines though; it didn’t quite make sense. I remember using their labs with the fancy ass Mac computers. Hated them.

So I ended up changing my major to Liberal Studies with a concentration in African-American studies. Big fucking whoop. This is all great and all, but MY GOD. I needed a degree in SCIENCE. NOT ARTS. UGH.

In hindsight – this allowed me to graduate with high honors (magna cum laude) because I was 100% invested and interested in the work. I just smoke way too much weed to try and be a teacher or something. I just rather not have to worry about those kinds of things coming back to bite me in the asshole.

All of this experience is wonderful in my pursuit of entrepreneurship – now. I get it. I needed to experience all of those things. I needed to learn how to channel my indecisiveness and make it work for me. Still a work in progress but it’s working out.

I ended up getting a Master’s degree in Public Administration – another long ass drawn out story of regret. But, graduated with a 4.0 GPA and learned a lot nonetheless.

I may be indecisive, but I am loyal and thorough sometimes to a fault. My mother always say’s “where there is a will, there is a way.” I’ve been making a way. Preparing for my opportunity. That’s if i’m not blocking it or missed it already (yikes!)

The impetus behind this post was me remembering how I would convince myself that “this major” was great because of “that.” For example, “majoring in business is great because everything is a business!” .. “majoring in political science is great because law and order rule the world!” .. “public relations is great because everything has to be advertised!” ..  and so on. I did that with every major (lol).

I realize now that it means i’m multi-faceted. Multi-discipline is mandatory. I can never just do one thing. Being a serial entrepreneur is the only thing that makes sense. I want to plan, lead, organize and control 100 different companies in 1,000 different industries.

I’ll be pursuing a certification in Project Management soon. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Be Secure in my Perspective & Create Things


All I’ve ever wanted to do was be secure in my perspective and create things of use to myself and others. Use both sides of my brain. My aspirations are rooted in the deepest ocean and continue to grow beyond the stars.

There are so many complex relationships that exist within our Universe, between the two blues. I’ve been consciously examining these relationships as they relate to my space in time, since 2012. Cømplex Candles are physical manifestations of both being secure in my perspective and creating things of use.


Candles symbolize earth, wind and fire. They illuminate; activate senses. Candles work in cohesion with other elements. They encourage ordinary air to interact with mundane sights and smells. An aroma can carry you back to a particular place and time in your life. Our candles can create those memories for the future.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and supporting the Cømplex Candle Company!

What Does Iyanla Have to do with This?


(Originally written on 5/25/16 – Never posted it. Wasn’t even in my drafts. I stumbled across this when I randomly decided to log into TheUrbanDilemma@Gmail.com’s mailbox to clean it out. I went into the drive app for the hell of it and found this gem. I wonder why I didn’t post it? *insert confused face emoji* It’s extremely relevant and absolutely how I feel, even today. So here. From my drafts (which I should make a new category). This may have been a pre-cursor to My Memory Dank, the less erratic, condensed version. Nonetheless:)

Out of all the things I thought I would be… I wonder why i’m not any of those. Like an inventor, a producer, a member of a band, a professor. What stopped me? Lack of confidence. Why? Because my family is of the working poor, giving little foundation or nets of safety.

I didn’t feel like I had the luxury of chasing my dreams, I had to chase structure and routine. I didn’t want to be a burden, I wanted to be perceived as smart and independent. So I became that. I wanted to avoid the struggle. But now my spirit is struggling, immensely.
Right now, I figure I better chase what’s attainable, and document my journey. Who cares about what I feel or think? What service am I providing worth paying for? What skills do I possess?

Attainable: Better eating habits. Exercising more often. Cutting back on trees (pshft, sike like shit haha). Saving money (in theory, more like spending it more wisely, saving what I can).

I Need To Show Up AND Do The Work! How do you deal with people every single day telling you you’re too smart to be wasting your time doing what you’re doing? How can the proper person realize this? The one with the resources, power and ability to put my genius to work. Then how can I become that person? I think the answer is I Need To Show Up AND Do The Work! Put myself in the right places at the right times. I am afraid to fail, afraid to struggle. So for that reason, I struggle.

(I keep coming back to this #ShowUp & #DoTheWork. I literally just need to physically take myself into areas outside of my head and home. I’ve done the work. I am very good with communicating, building rapports and just overall being social and secure in my perspective. I just need to #ShowUp It’s just draining as fuck because i’m very much a behind the scenes type of gal.)


White Lies: My Urban Dilemma pt. 2

Imagine.. everything you’ve been taught has been censored. Particular parts ommited. Specifically information fundamental to your existence. Misplacing you in society, intentionally.

How, then, do you compete with those who have been taught everything you have, and then some? Especially misinformation about your existence? Perpetuating your place in society, intentionally?

How would learning about the redaction later affect what you already know? Would it cause some kind of dissonance,  internally? Would it justify your position in society or infuriate you?

Would those with the more accurate and abundant  information and resources feel threatened, less able to compete? Or would they bask in the comfort of being 10 steps ahead?

These are the thoughts that shape My Urban Dilemma.

Long Story Longer


So long story longer, my boss and I got into it the other day. He yelled at me and I yelled the f*ck back, instinctively. Sorry not sorry. I did this in front of a good number of people, in particular this old ass white man who was in his office. He’s 70 something, no lie. He walks slow as shit and looks like he wears depends. And typically he’s cool. He speaks and isn’t as rude as the other 70 something year old guy who works here and definitely has racist teeth and other racist bones in his body.

Listen, I get it. I’m very well versed in the history of this country. I’m well aware of the actual politics of who gets what, when, where and how. And who doesn’t. These old white guys are on one side of the spectrum; my young(er), black, pro-black, dyke-ass is smooth across the other.

So, my boss and I ended up speaking one-on-one and smoothing things over. I explained to him that my “attitude” (go figure) stems from frustration. I am deeply entrenched in my work (in my mind, I work for myself so I go extra hard) and in all actuality, I take my work a little more seriously than others. Because of this i’ve become sort of like an enemy. Whatever, I could care less how any reject feels about me.

My boss (petty wap) expressed to me how the old white guy said I was disrespectful to the owner of the company and that’s unacceptable. He said “his words, not mine.” LOL!!! And ever since, the old bag doesn’t speak to me anymore.

Mind you, we used to have full conversations. Spoke every day. Now, he acts as if I don’t exist. (I’m an introvert, so it bothers me none. This post wouldn’t exist otherwise! See how my life is set up?!)

Did he ever hold the notion that my boss was in the wrong, that he was disrespectful by yelling at me simply because of his “authority” .. ?

Idk. But I say all this to say:

A) I know I know.. but understand not all white people are the same. Not all white men in positions and powers and authority are complete dicks, and sometimes you have to challenge them in order to come to a common ground; a genuine mutual respect.

B) Standing up for yourself as a black woman proves problematic over and over and over again. I was told I had an attitude 100 times, that I was close minded, that I took my job too seriously. That I need to sugar coat things.

This. Is. Fucked. Up.

But I recognize it and I don’t take it personal, I take it as knowledge and experience. I understand this dynamic and I maneuver accordingly.

Protecting my magic one tone at a time. Hmph.

Plans Don’t Always Go as Planned


Making a plan is a gift and a curse.

I was watching a Ted Talk the other day and my wife told me I was “such a white person” because the title was “how to remain calm when you know you’ll be stressed.”

My 30th birthday was this past weekend and we moved into our first apartment together as a married couple. She had an entire itinerary of exactly how the weekend would go, incorporating both birthday and moving plans. Every last one of them fell through. Every. Last. One.

See, me… I would have anticipated all of these things going wrong. I actually had to swoop in and call an audible last minute to assure certain things would happen on time, and smoothly. They did.

I feel like she’s learning to plan things out from me, just as I’m abandoning my obsession with planning. Almost EVERY time you plan something out, it will NEVER happen the way you believe it will. Planning is just one aspect of making plans.

I learned a very valuable lesson my freshman year from a business education course. This was one of the very first college classes I took and was all in. The lesson learned was P.L.O.C. If you simply make a plan, that’s cute. But you have to execute. You have to PLAN, LEAD, ORGANIZE and CONTROL. From the moment a plan arises, you have to improvise your ideas and anticipate conundrums… how can you not?! Not doing so is highly irresponsible.

I am a lot more disciplined and patient than most people, and for that reason my stress is well managed. My disappointments are few and far between. Expectations are the bane to my existence (I stole that from Kid Fury bee tee dubs).

I anticipate everything going wrong, and while planning things, I make plan Bs, Cs and Zs and then I laugh when things go wrong, just as I anticipated! I have a back-up plan for virtually every scenario going wrong.

People have their own agendas, own plans, and own fall throughs. It’s inevitable. Incorporate these things into your life, explore and analyze them. See them as experiences, not as disasters! Learn from them. Grow from them.

At the end of the day, a plan is something that seemed like a good idea in formulation. However, reality and unforeseen circumstances will always milly-rock on any block (of plans you thought you had!).

(I know I ended that with a shit ton of punctuation marks but whatever, figure it out English teacher and let me know the proper way to end that sentence. Also see my Freestyle Approach post before you adjust your spectacles and laugh at me!)

Memøry Dank – Vol. 1


You know when you be high as f*ck and just get to reflecting.. Well that happened one night and it got so intense that I had to write about it the next day. You’ve been warned.

Indigo Adult
As I mentally scroll through my proverbial rolodex of careers I thought i’d pursue as a kid, I realize I am a living breathing example of an Indigo Child STILL being conditioned to ignore her individualism and pressured to be a normal retard like everyone else. The public school system is equivalent to the doctor who breaks the legs of bow-legged babies. What if the Universe intended for them to walk like they hopped off a goddamn horse?

So, journey with me through the vaults of my memory dank (because i’m always high as f*ck!) I’ll get to the point eventually. Well actually, the point was made already. Let’s just see if I can backstroke forward and meet myself right here, experiencing spiritual suicide aka working full time for someone else.  I’m literally at work right now.

Am I a Writer for Myself and Others?
Is this what it actually means to be a writer? Someone who sits deep in thought, basically talking to themselves? Mulling through feelings, experiences and ideas, trying to connect them and make sense of it all? “What’s the point of thinking?” – Good question Kanye.

Well, i’m declaring right now, that I am a writer. Now; how to get networks to take me serious, how to stack and hone my skills, how to monetize my fantasy… Is what i’m busy figuring out right now. I’m speaking my pipe dream into existence. Bear with me. I know I should get in front of a camera and make some YouTube videos (the irony). It ain’t like i’m ugly. I got jokes. So we’ll see.

Sidebar: This means i’m going to need an editor. But I’d have to really respect that person. Otherwise I’m going to assume they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about and how I said it makes more sense. Maybe I should be an editor? But how though? *Shrugs*

DJ Benita Button?
Ok. So first of all I knew I was an old woman at the age of like 10 or 11 when they would roll the T.V. into the classroom on those carts and sh*t. You know how you’d watch programs with experts or pundits or whatever you want to call them (educators, lecturers, etc…) speaking in between clips, like Eyes on the Prize and sh*t? Well I loved those films and I always felt like I would be one of those old people one day. I always felt like i’d write a book. Even though I don’t necessarily love to read (I read a lot though), I appreciate what it means to be literate. It’s like an investment.

*Reminder to self to tell the story about Vietnamese-Mexican friend who somehow had technology back in 98 to pause, rewind and stop the TV and I almost pissed myself laughing so hard because the weirdo teacher couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. Fuck it – there’s the story.*

Second of all, I forever had keyboards and instruments in my house, just never any real talent, guidance or direction. No lessons. Nathan. But I knew I wanted to f*ck with sh*t pertaining to music and technology. I had my own computer since I was seven. (My MS Paint skills were vicious!) I was entrenched in the Hip-Hop lifestyle.  I thought i’d be an entertainment lawyer. I actually remember saying that to a friend back in Middle School. I used to make (actual) mixtapes in High School. I had an ear for what was hot; I used to just give them shits away (shouts to Ashley Robbins!) And they were fire! Had I realized what was happening right then and there, boom – Numark copped. I have a sh*t ton of music on hard drives (back from napster days, my n*gga). Had I learned (taught myself?) how to mix music.. i’d be off my Vashtie right now. I was already plugged in w/ the local radio folks.


My HBCU Gave Me Purpose
I had a Chinese Public Administration teacher my freshman year at THEE illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (can you tell i’m proud of my school?) “Get government job. Easy. Pay good.” So that always stuck in the back of my mind. Especially because I am from the D.C. Metropolitan area. Everyone from outside of D.C. thinks you can just waltz into the Federal Government and gain employment. Yeah, sure we can.

The reason I am even familiar with the writing style of satire is because of an English Lit class I took either Sophomore or Junior year. I was so fascinated by the writing style and the stories I was like that’s it! I’ll be a writer! This is what I want to do! Voltaire, Johnathan Swift, Virginia Woolf, Me! Every last one of my English professors left a lasting impression on me. I wanted to be like them. Smart, witty, employed in their profession of choice and cool.

NCA&T Almost Made Me A Hotep Though…
So I started writing. I’m glad I did because I had some gems in my mind and heart back in ’07. It’s when I started to try and be myself, a little bit. (I’m full fledged me, now – btw). It’s when I stopped internalizing my anger and frustrations (limitations!) and putting them on paper. I was getting “woke” if you will. But then that mentality took on a life of its own. I was a baby Hotep yall. Ase.

I kind of want to skim over this phase lol (us HBCU grads have all been there at some point), but it is so vital and so crucial. Without me abandoning my Eurocentric frame of reference, I probably wouldn’t have crawled my way up out of depression. I didn’t even know I was depressed for years! Responsible for a great deal of my intellectual growth is Wesley Morris, a friend who introduced me to The Psycho-technology of Brainwashing – An Afrocentric Passage. Without this text, there would have been no motivation for me to be the best version of MYSELF, as opposed to who/what ANYONE else wanted me to be.

This was one of the first instances of MyUrbanDilemma because part of me still wanted to be what the Hoteps deemed “counter productive.” I still wanted to be gay, do drugs, wear name brand clothes, listen to t/rap music.. all that shit. It’s like I had to choose between being conscious and being hip. I still battle with that til this day. I felt more like a distraction or like I was being judged by the Hoteps… so I said fuck’em. I stopped attending the Black Wednesday meetings, took off my red, black and green beads and carried on.

I’m Almost Done..
After graduating from A&T I came home and lived with my mother and her husband for about 8 months before getting a job. I should have never gotten a job. Sounds foolish, but it’s the truth. I didn’t NEED a job, but I felt like I needed to be independent. Like I needed my own everything to show that me going to college and graduating really paid off. I didn’t realize the wealth of experience and self development that took place. I didn’t need some job killing the creative spirit within me. I killed it because I wanted to appear better than my peers. Keyword appear, because looks can be deceiving. I didn’t want to be a burden to my mother but I’d still need her to bail me out of shit throughout my adult life. I may have looked like I was doing well on the outside, but on the inside I was killing myself. Talking myself out of every creative situation and opportunity presented.

Being desperate for my own money (to do God knows what with, nothing smart) I went back to school. To get my Master’s. In part because I felt like it would help me get a job paying more (LMFAO!) After my first couple of weeks in my economics course, I realized “whoa… I have no business in a Master’s program.” I wanted to quit, but that refund check was very enticing. I blew thousands of dollars on utter BULLSHIT, not 1 sound or solid investment made. By the way… I enrolled in Strayer University’s MPA program; Master’s of Public Administration. To date, this is the biggest mistake i’ve made in life thus far. Which, in hindsight – at least I still earned a degree. I could be in jail right now for committing crime. All that t/rap music was convincing me to hit the streets. Seriously.

So with the little bit of good sense I had left, I realized because I was angry at the world and listening to music that fueled my anger (lectures as well), I was making poor choices. Around 2012 I realized I was depressed. I realized I was in a mean ass routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, getting high and passing out on the couch. For like 2 years straight, that’s all I seemed to do. It wasn’t until I started writing MyUrbanDilemma and TheUrbanDilemma that I realized I was depressed. I started to think of a time when I experienced joy and at what point did it stop. I remembered my Hotep phase, and realized I was on to something. It was the writing, the self expression that I was missing.

I Had an Epiphany…
How was I to ever get from the Universe what my soul desired if I kept it buried in my un-sober heart and mind? For the first time since like freshman year in high school, I stopped smoking weed for 2 months. I didn’t even want to start back but, believe it or not, my grown ass fell victim to peer pressure. That brief moment of clarity allowed me to realize I was wasting so much time (just like I had wrote back in ’07) I had been projecting. That’s why me starting to write was so major because I could see my depression on paper. My better self had control and was trying to kill the ill me. Somehow the ill me won, but this is a battle, not a fight.

I don’t expect but a handful of people to read this. I wrote this for me. I wrote this so I don’t make any more excuses for myself. I know what I want but I don’t know how to get it. I’m trying. Whether this “brand” kicks off or not, it’s mine. It’s my creation and i’m going to see that it brings me personal joy. For life.

I see working for others as a means to an end, the end being working for myself. It’s not suicide, it’s sustainability! I’ll never be against working for the purpose of taking care of myself, my family and funding entrepreneurial endeavors. By the way… let me know if you do read this.

Inspired by a Fan’s E-Mail, @IamKylous Drops the “Songs For Girls” EP

Songs For Girls Artwork.jpg

“You have the look and talent… but you don’t make enough songs for girls!”

Yeah, yeah we know. Everybody makes music.. but not like him!

Formerly known as Kage Eheh, Kylous is an artist/producer hailing from Gaithersburg, MD. With 5 self-made projects under his belt including the latest Resuscitation, Kylous drops another entitled Songs for Girls EP just in time for summer.

Girls just want to have fun right? Well here’s the soundtrack to get the party started! An email from a fan read: “You have the look and talent… but you don’t make enough songs for girls!”

“After sitting with this for about a week, the thought hit me. ‘Why don’t I just make some songs for girls?!’”

With titles like Kim Kardashian, She Cries and Drake or The Weeknd, there’s no doubt who this EP is for.

Songs For Girls – EP Stream & Download is available here: Kylous.com, Soundcloud!

[Video] Kylous – Power (Songs For Girls – EP)

[Download] Kylous – Songs For Girls – EP


Contact Kylous:



Power 5Power 2Power 1